It ain’t comedy, unless it’s funny. And Shirley Q. Liquor ain’t funny

On Thanksgiving Weekend, the idiot savant that runs the Connection, the big gay club in downtown Louisville, hired Shirley Q. Liquor to headline their show. My question is this: are they stupid, racist, antitrans, or just fucked in the head?

The bad part is that I’m not surprised. Back in the late ’90s, when I occasionally visited clubs like that, the Conn was becoming overpopulated with straights, God forbid. I heard the owner, a gay guy, took grief for it. Since then, they’ve hosted more pageants, added “Privates: A Man’s Bar”, and added a shower bar. They still get the straights, especially for the shows. Now, the Conn is no longer a GLBT club that also welcomed straights; it is now a gay bar that tolerates TLB and straights. It is a large difference.

Then, they hire Chuckie Snipp, alias Shirley Q. Liquor. Real genius move here. For those who don’t know, this is a traditional blackface minstrel show. Shirley Q. is Chuckie in blackface drag, featuring a humongous ‘fro and brilliant turquoise eye shadow. Shirley is a welfare queen with twice the kids of the woman who lived in the shoe, who names them after venereal diseases and feminine hygiene products, who stays high and drunk on cheap weed, wine, and Colt .45s. It is insulting to single mothers, people of color, those who are on public assistance, those who’ve been given unusual names, people with alcohol and drug issues, and transgendered people. I don’t find anything funny about that.

I know some folks who intend to spread the word about SQL among the pageant community, many of whom are people of color, and practically none of whom find SQL funny. I suspect the Conn will lose considerable attendance over this.

I’m sure the owners of the Conn couldn’t care less, but I never will grace the doors of their club again. Never. Not that I went often, anyway – I would estimate that I haven’t been there since 2001. I prefer the jazz club in the Glassworks, the Comedy Caravan, or Stevie Ray’s, on the rare occasions I go to clubs. But now, never, never, never.

As for Chuckie Snipp, I am sure he got paid, and perhaps, laid. But he isn’t funny. Never will be. Never was. Nothing’s worse than a standup comic who isn’t funny. I know, why don’t we send him, all expenses paid, to a permanent engagement in Falusia?


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10 Comments on “It ain’t comedy, unless it’s funny. And Shirley Q. Liquor ain’t funny”

  1. Fredrikka Joy Maxwel Says:

    OK, knowing what I know about SQL disinclines me to spend any of my hard eared cash at a joint that hires folks that insults me, my people and my friends. I don’t HAVE to give to pay good money to be insulted.I encourage all people of good will in the city of Louisville to give the connection a wide pass. Even boycott the place if you want. That club’s managment may not have a heart so an emotional appeal won’t do anything for them. Butif they start losing money they will notice for sure. Lets do it! Hit ’em in the pocketbook.

  2. Congrats on joining the wonderful world of blogging. I’m sure you’ll find it as enjoyable as I do.

    On to Chuck Snipp. My question is this. If Chuck is allegedy honoring the Black women who raised him as he alleges, why do a character that uses every stereotype OFFENSIVE to those women?

    If you honor something or someone, you treat them with respect.

    Obviously when it comes to the African-American community, that’s something that he never learned or was taught.

  3. The actual last name is “Knipp.”
    it’s pretty obvious you weren’t at the show!
    come out next time!


    OH LAWD!!! IGNUNCE!!! I find this site almost as funny as Shirley’s site itself!

    A few in my group overheard the manager at Connection responding to a complaint with this:
    “I don’t remember us calling and begging you to come pay your $5 for this well-advertised show.”

    I wanted to give him the crown for the night, though he’s an ass to just about EVERYONE… I had to give him props there… the Connection website DID advertise WELL in advance… and it linked to Shirley’s website… for those who may get easily offended to stay their asses home!

    This guy is an artist, controversial or not… if you ACTUALLY READ about the person, you’ll find many “purnts” of interest… Including a religious background.

    The moral of this soapbox: TAKE A JOKE! Find the comedy in the art, and laugh! You’d be surprised how healthy that is!

    ALWAYS REMEMBER: God created you- so he OBVIOUSLY has a sense of humor!

    Relax people…. This isn’t HATE comedy! It’s “wet-yourself” tactics!


    oh, and for the record, I’m mixed… and have great pride in the african-american culture and heritage… Ever watch B.E.T.??? Listen to that channel poke fun at caucasians… it’s hilarious… and ACTUALLY pay attention to the audience… notice the number of caucasians holding their bladders as well?
    I can totally understand taking offense when hatred is spit at either race, ALL races included! But there isn’t a negative slang against the black race ANYWHERE associated with this artist!
    Ever watch COPS?
    I rest my case…..

  6. Yes, the man’s name is Knipp. I added the S.
    Maybe others find him funny. I don’t find racism funny. I don’t find making fun of poor and uneducated people, funny. It IS hate comedy. It IS negative and insulting to single parents and women of color. And I don’t find “Larry the Cable Guy” funny, either, because of his racism and homophobia, so I am consistant. Yes, I have watched Cops. I don’t find it funny – I find it tragic that people like the ones on Cops exist in a civilized society. No, I don’t watch BET. I watch CNN and ESPN, primarily.

    SQL might be an artist. I don’t have to like him, any more than the fact that I don’t like brussels sprouts, broccoli, George W. Bush, or other racist pigs. I don’t have to like the places he performs – and the owners of the Connection have been assholes forever. I don’t have to go to that venue ever again, and I won’t, and haven’t in many years. I can recommend that others not go there, either, and I will continue, unabated, doing that. And, no, I’m not going to watch SQL, either live or on TV, nor will I purposely ever misspell the word “ignorance.”

  7. Polar Bear Says:

    I will also note that the Connection was cited by the Kentucky Fairness Campaign (which, I wholeheartedly support) as having committed an act of racism by hosting a SQL show. They ‘invited’ the management of Connection to participate in a community forum on racism. I bet they don’t attend.

  8. No thanks, Chuck I’ll pass on your minstrel show.

  9. Furthur…….no, that’s the bus the Merry Pranksters rode on……I mean Further…..
    It seems Mr. Knipp’s insulting blackface show got can-canned in L.A. I know Jasmyne
    Cannick was trying to get that stopped, and hat’s off to her if she did. I saw her on Larry King the other night, and found her impressive and persuasive on another issue. Anyway,
    now, we have to hope that his shows in Hartford and New Orleans are stopped. New Orleans, after Katrine, hardly needs this kind of insult to its city.


  10. Well, it seems that SQL’s going to curse us with his presence in our city again, this time on Derby Night. I’m sorry, but blackface minstrel shows that demean single parents are not funny, never will be funny, and shouldn’t be held. I see it as nothing but offensive. Period.

    Opening night for a new club? I predict the next act we’ll see at Club Fusion will be “COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR LEASE.”

    I’m considering putting a large sign protesting the show on the side of my van and parking it near the club, and leafleting the area.

    If he can be cancelled in LA, NO, and Hartford, we gotta get him cancanned here.

    This so-called comic should go back to his day job.


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