Comfort is a virtue

Today, I commandeered my wife’s car, for the purpose of regular maintenance in preparation for driving to Florida this weekend.

The car is a 2003 Celica.

First of all, the car handles great, is powerful, quiet, has a good stereo system, and is even easy to maintain and work on.  The styling is a matter of opinion, but I can deal with it.

But the seats are the pits.

Why do auto companies design their cars for 110-lb dwarfs? Yes, I’m a polar bear. But I cannot drive this car comfortably. The seats are bolstered on the lower cushion, with a heavy wire running down the door side of the seat. My butt is resting on the wire. I can shift around, adjust the seat somewhat, but there is no such thing as a comfortable driving position for anyone above a men’s size 42, or women’s size 18.  Toyota does everything else so well, design-wise, so I wonder if the seat designer was drinking sake that day.


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2 Comments on “Comfort is a virtue”

  1. Dianne Says:


    Try the Hyundai seats towards the top of their line. You know we both share similar physical traits (I’m more of a panda bear myself, but hey). My 2000 XG350 has VERY comfy seats. The tranny leaves a lot to be desired, but you can’t have everything.

    Lambda Sigma Delta Class of ’99.

  2. You know, I spent some time at the car show a couple of weeks ago, not that I’m in the market (I have a 2004 Matrix that fits well, but Susan can’t drive a 6-speed), and fit on several cars. I was amazed at the high-end stuff that I couldn’t get into without crunching my head or back.

    The car makers that seem to be most attuned to designing cars for large folks are Nissan and Honda. Even the Versa and the Fit, well, fit. As opposed to Ford, whose seats even in their trucks don’t go back far enough, and Dodge, who loves rooflines that require removal of the top half of one’s head.

    Toyota deserves curses for discontinuning the 6-speed Matrix XRS, with the VVTL-I engine (I love the 8000 rpm redline). The base Matrix continues with an automatic only. Wimps!

    Hyundai is certainly much better than it used to be. When they make the seats go back further, and learn how to build cars with decent stick shifts, they’ll have the world by the tail.

    Who’s that AC guy?


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