Buh-bye Rummy

Well, Donald Rumsfeld is about to become history. Not that Robert “Iran-Contra” Gates will be any better.
The blood of 3000 American young people are on his hands, as well as the blood of many thousands of Iraqi civilians.

The deficits caused by an expensive, unwinnable war should come out of his personal fortune. If that leaves him nothing, let him live in Falusia.

Our military has been decimated. Training materials are in short supply. It is difficult to recruit. And the VA system has been shorn of funds, at a time when veterans are coming home from the Middle East in need of the benefits they have been promised. All because of Rumsfeld and his friends.

Iraq was started on a lie. Rumsfeld was the main liar. He’s not the only one in DC right now, although many of them are going home soon. Watch for them at a Halliburton subsidiary near you. Just don’t touch them, you will catch Geopathy, a disease that robs you of your common sense and ability to care about others, that is endemic to Republicans.

It’s never too late to mend. Unless you’re Donald Rumsfeld. There’s no hope for him.


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