The Most Honorable Gerald R. Ford

Tonight, I learned of the passing of President Gerald R. Ford.

I consider President Ford to have been much underrated, as Presidents of the 20th Century, go. If you don’t agree, consider the following:

  1. Gerald Ford was a man of complete integrity. He told the truth, as best he knew it to be, and even an antagonistic Congress could not find evidence of dishonesty or even hint of same.
  2. Gerald Ford was a man who did what he felt was right and proper to do, regardless of the political consequences or the poll results.
  3. Gerald Ford was the last Republican to h0ld the Presidency to not embrace wholeheartedly the Religious Reich agenda. One would consider him to be a moderate.

Gerald Ford had the moral compass to be able to do the right thing for the country, in pardoning Richard Nixon, thus allowing the country to recover from Watergate, regardless of the consequences to his career. In reality, he sacrificed his chances to win the Presidency in his own right in 1976, in order to do what was right in 1974. Ask yourself if George W. Bush would possibly be capable of doing that today?

Gerald Ford also stood for a balanced budget, and did his level best to minimize the deficits as much as he could. He continued the successful Nixon foreign policy and encouraged detente; he kept Henry Kissinger in place in charge of American foreign policy.

No, President Ford was not perfect. Nobody is going to suggest that his face should be carved into Mount Rushmore. As President Ford said several times, he was a Ford, not a Lincoln. But, he took office at one of the most critical times in American history, and he did the job of uniting this country and setting it on a healthy path very well, delivering dignity and respect to the American public. He deserves your thanks, and his family deserves your thoughts and prayers tonight. This country’s government could use many, many more public servants like Gerald Ford, and candidates for office from both parties could aspire to serving with the honor he displayed.


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One Comment on “The Most Honorable Gerald R. Ford”

  1. I consider Gerald ford to be the last honorable Republican president.

    Although I was pissed as hell at the time that he pardoned Tricky Dick, with the passage of time I see that it was the best thing for the country. It was also a courageous move because it probably cost him the election in 1976.

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