George Bush Is Crazy!

“Well, they took him off to see the doctor, and the doctor done checked his head. All I can tell you, man, is stop drinking Johnnie Walker’s Red.” – Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Poison Whiskey”

You know, it’s pretty ironic, having Bush give a speech from the White House Library, given that the only book the man admits to having read is the Bible. I can also tell that his retention of what he reads is not good, either, because he clearly doesn’t understand the message or meaning endemic in the text of the Holy Bible, particularly not the Beatitudes. I think he’s only read one book of the Bible, and that being Revelations, the one book my particular Christian beliefs don’t consider to be entirely believable or factual. Personally, I think the man should stick to the works of Theodore Geisel, but those may be beyond him. I don’t know if he likes green eggs and ham, or not. But I digress……

75%, or so, of Americans, according to most of the polls I’ve seen, consider the war in Iraq to be a total waste of national resources, military resources, manpower, readiness for important conflicts and natural disasters, and money. They want Bush to bring the troops home now. So, what does the fuckhead in the White House do? He sends 20K MORE TROOPS. In fact, he clearly doesn’t care what anyone thinks – not the Congress, nor the American people. I take that back, he cares what ExxonMobil, Halliburton, and Pat Robertson think, and nobody else.

I wish I could say I was surprised. But this is the fuckhead whose supporters fixed 2 elections, so he could be in office. This is the lifelong liar and cheater who sent hundreds of thousands of American troops to a foreign war on a complete bald-faced lie. This is the cretin who gives humongous tax breaks to exactly the people who least need them, with no concern for any attempt at balancing the Federal budget, or for providing for the needs of ordinary people, or for the moral obligation that this nation has to rebuild the Gulf Coast. The worst thing this moron has done, however, is the misuse of the National Guard, some of whom are on their 3rd tours of duty in Iraq, and in the fact that veterans’ benefits have been, not just cut, but slashed.

My wife works in a major medical center, one that takes in work for the local VA hospital. She has to go there at times to pick up or deliver lab work to them. She is appalled by the conditions under which the courageous employees and underexperienced doctors who work there, work under. They were underfunded 6 years ago, before Bush took office. It is far worse today. Our veterans deserve the finest care for the rest of their lives after their service, and they’re getting garbage? Support the troops? Yes – bring them home and give them proper medical care and benefits, as we did after WW2.

We shall soon see what our new Congress can do about this. I’ve heard everything from “sigh, we can’t do a thing”, to “Constitutional Crisis!” I want to see hearings into the election fixing of Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, the dishonest way in which the Iraq war happened, the way National Guardsmen have been misused to fight foreign wars, the deliberate neglect and corruption in the Gulf Coast recovery non-effort, and into the Valerie Plame affair. I strongly suspect each hearing will yield high crimes and misdemeanors that could be used to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Oh, yes. Don’t forget to subpoena the person on the White House staff who is responsible for provisioning, as well as the Naval stewards who keep Camp David stocked and ready. Ask them under oath how many bottles of Johnnie Walker’s Red or El Toro tequila have been thrown away from the wastebasket in the Presidential quarters. Just curious. Lessee, if most people only start out with 10 million brain cells, and Bush only started with 1 million, and each drink kills 10,000 cells……then he mustn’t have very many left.

That’s obvious, isn’t it? As Bush probably can only say by now, duhhhhhhh


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