Polar Bears Planning DC Attack

Well, it’s getting time again for this polar bear to head to DC. However, nobody, save for the stupid, the foolish, and the fundamentalists, need be scared.  This polar bear has some requests of Congress, and if you don’t go and tell them, they’ll never know what you want.

The fact that I think there’s reason to go should indicate the fact that there’s hope. After 10 years of a disreputable, mean-spirited bitch named Anne Northup as our Congressperson, even though she never represented anyone other than fundies and fat cats, we finally have someone who might listen to a constituent.

John Yarmuth’s doing a good job so far. I’d like to encourage him to keep at it. We need to get the hell out of Iraq – now. Hate crimes laws and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act must be passed now, by a veto-proof margin. The Real ID Act needs to be repealed, along with most of the Patriot Act. Karl Rove and many others on the White House Staff should be hailed into hearings and forced to answer for their crimes. And, eventually, Dick “Shooter” Cheney needs to be impeached.  Then, if there’s time, Bush can be impeached, too. I suspect the election will have been held by that time, anyway.

I’m sure Yarmuth knows and agrees with most of this, and I also realize that there’s a time for each of these things to happen. For those of you who haven’t lobbied before, I recommend it. Congress is a unique place, and once you watch our elected leaders in action, you will realize that the place is special, but that the people who work in it are entirely ordinary and no better or smarter than the rest of us – and in some cases, not as smart.  There are some exceptional minds there – John Conyers never fails to impress with his folksy common sense ways,  Arlen Specter and Christopher Shays demonstrate what Republicans could be if they only grew brains and disowned the Reich,  Dennis Kucinich speaks his mind and acts on his core beliefs, and Evan Bayh demonstrates what it means to be a true moderate and what family values really mean, as opposed to what Pat Robertson hallucinates them to be.   There are others as well, these are just examples.

2006 saw the exit of several Members whom I wouldn’t hire to work the fry vat at McDonald’s. Randy “Duke” Cunningham. Tom DeLay. Bob Ney. I hope they enjoy prison. I’d recommend they write books, as Hitler and Lenin did, but since none of them have the brains God gave seafood…….. Don’t drop the soap, boys!

Anyway, Congress works for us. If you have something your Congressman or Senator can help you with, ask them. They are contactable. And you actually can go to DC and talk to them. It is empowering, and every American should do it several times in their life.  Not to mention a visit to the Smithsonian, the White House has tours, and everyone should sit in on a Supreme Court session in their life at least once. Americans in general don’t know how their government works, or how to help guide it in the right direction – hell, more than half of us don’t even vote.  Which disgusts me.

Speak up.


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