The Kentucky Governors Race

It’s nearly Kentucky Derby time. That time we all love, when traffic is completely screwed up, people who work 2nd shift can’t get to their jobs in the downtown area because of streets closed for parades and fireworks shows, people can’t leave their neighborhoods because of the marathon, and a total inability to find a rental car or hotel room.

Oh, yeah: it’s time for campaign signs to appear on everyone’s yard. It’s time, thank God, to elect a new governor to replace Ernie Fletcher, unless the GOP loses its last remaining brain cells and nominates him for another term. Not that Anne Northup is desirable for any office above dogcatcher, or that Billy Harper is fit to hold the office. So long as the Kentucky GOP continues to suck the teat of the Religious Right, they will deserve to lose.

Which brings us to the interesting group of asses, er, donkeys from the Kentucky Democratic Party. We have the likes of Bruce Lunsford, the man who ran Vencor into bankruptcy. We have Steve Henry, the doc who was tried for Medicare fraud. We have Steve Beshear, who has tried and failed before and seems to be running on the “legalize casinos” ticket. We have Gatewood Galbraith, who, beyond his consistant support of marijuana decriminalization and hemp growth, is a cypher issue-wise. There’s Otis “Bullman” Hemsley. House Speaker Jody Richards is running in place. Then, there’s the class of the race: Jonathan Miller.

Miller wrote a book in the fall of 2006 called “The Compassionate Community”. He invokes ten universal values, and invokes them to describe what each Commandment demands that government should provide for the greater community. He starts with compassion, then Miller develops “10 essential American values that emanate from this core theme:” opportunity, responsibility, work, family, freedom, faith, justice, peace, respect and life. The values are each associated with a Biblical character (Noah, Moses, Esther, etc.). Then, Miller names programs across the country that could be adapted to the needs of Kentucky, and challenges the reader to make them reality.

I have no way of knowing if Miller has the experience to make his vision a reality. However, at least he HAS a vision. I don’t think the other candidates have a vision, other than the vision of themselves in the big chair. Our Governors must have a valid vision, because many of the members of the Kentucky State Legislature (and nearly all of the Republicans) have no vision other than that of hatred and bigotry. Miller does seem to have that.

Miller faces an uphill climb. Lunsford will do his best to buy the election with his purloined Vencor money. But Miller’s running mate, Irv Maze, is the author of the Louisville Metro Fairness Ordinance, which gives him positive points in my book. I’ll be voting for Miller, thank you.

Late note: Miller dropped out and tossed his support to Beshear/Mongiardo. I can’t support Mongiardo, because of his having written the Kentucky Marriage Amendment. Looks like I have to vote for Gatewood Galbraith now.

In honor of Knut, my little cousin in Germany, ich spreche!


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