Indian Restaurants That Curry My Brain……

 I’ve been enjoying the web site of a favorite musician, one Ian Anderson, the flautist/songwriter/guitarist/bandleader of Jethro Tull.

There’s much more to this page than music, however. Anderson writes on the subjects of kitten husbandry, photography, his love of the Wiltshire countryside, and Indian food.

Of interest to my transgender friends and readers (both of them?)  will be the section on DVT. As we know, DVT is a hazard common to those taking cross-gender hormone therapy. Anderson isn’t doing that, but he has had a bout of DVT related to a knee injury (sounds familiar)  that could have killed him. Read of his experience, and watch for the same yourself.

My favorite part was his column on Indian cuisine.  If you’re a novice to the delights of Indian food, you should read on. I can’t share Anderson’s affection for prawns, as I am allergic, but Susan and I happen to love vindaloo, the hottest of Indian dishes, which can be made with lamb, chicken, or prawns. While we’re on the subject of Indian cuisine, our favorite Indian restaurant, Shalimar  (   has a wonderful luncheon buffet, and the Chicken Tikka Masala over rice makes a generous and filling, yet healthy, lunch.  Tandoori Chicken is also a great starting place; mild, yet spicy in a savory, not hot, way, and very healthy for those dieting. Indian cuisine may be spiced any way you wish, mild to hot; ask your waiter for advice, and be sure to tip well. Kingfisher is a nice beer, native to the region if you go for such, but frankly I prefer Samuel Adams with my vindaloo or masala.

Sure beats scrounging for seal.  Just don’t order beef, or steak, or a burger. You probably will never be served again. If you must ask why, go join Focus on the Family and watch the 700 Club, and join the “I’m As Stoopid As George Bush” club.

Haute cuisine,


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