Shirley Q. Liquor Redux

Well, this polar bear knows Shirley Q. Liquor must have invaded our fair city, because I saw the greasepaint-incited black oil slick going down the chutes at the Morris Forman plant, and onward downstream, ready to contaminate Evansville’s water system.

I also know that it happened, because there are white, stupid, racist gay people who think it’s funny. God only knows why.
I also know that many of us tried to stop the performance. We wrote the Courier-Journal in protest, leafleted the area (our posters didn’t last a half-hour before the owner removed them), leafleted bargoers, tried to meet with the bar owner, blogged, got the local gay rights org (Kentucky Fairness) to assist, and finally sent emails to the bar owner. It was no use. I’m not mad at the club owner, not that I’ll ever darken his door, but I’m mad at the idiots who paid money to see such a performance, just as I blast the fools who voted for George Bush, the people who actually like to listen to Michael Savage and Don Imus, and the liars in the pulpits of the Religious Reich.

Well, I expect the next sign we’ll see at Club Fuzion will be “building for lease”. But the performance happened, anyway. It is a blot on our city that it happened, not because it was allowed to happen, but because stoopid people actually paid outrageous sums of money and wasted their Derby Nights seeing it. They’re the idiots. Yes, you, if you were there. It’s not entertainment, it’s hate speech.

There’s no difference between the blackface minstrel show of Shirley Q. Liquor, the denigrating remarks towards the Rutgers women’s team that got Don Imus fired, the misogyny and insanity of Michael “Savage” Weiner (his real name and penal size) , the murder of our troops in Iraq by orders of George Bush, and the prevarications and lies of Lou Shelton, James Dobson, and Pat Robertson. They all hide behind the cloaks of free speech, religion, public policy, and entertainment while they denigrate, insult, and encourage hate crimes.

So, b’gone. Somebody make sure, please, that this Knipp guy stays safely in Lexington, and never comes here again. The ecology of the Ohio River can’t deal with the blackface oil slick. Maybe that’s how we get him banned – for the fish kill……


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6 Comments on “Shirley Q. Liquor Redux”

  1. richeyrich Says:

    For the life of me I cannot figure out what’s going on here. have we, somewhre down the line passed over into some backward, savage alternate universe? last I checked I was sure that we’d learned and advanced beyond the moron fests known as “minstrel shows”. this abortion known as Shirley Q Liquor appals me. saddens me too.
    what’s next? live slave gladiator combat to the death? in prime time?

  2. Richey, you hit the nail on’da head. SQL is, unfortunately, symptomatic of what people seem to want these days – sensationalism. Same reason people watch Cops and Jerry Springer. Nobody admits it, but somebody’s watching that crepe.


  3. Bill Compton Says:

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  4. What does this have to do with the thread?

  5. bgg Says:

    very helpful, thanks!n

  6. bgg Says:

    Yes! so hold.

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