In DC, Things Aren’t What They Seem


This bear’s been there before. I’ve lobbied Congress more times than I can count on both hands now. I went to school there for a short time. I still get lost in the traffic circles. I still get peeved at the lack of parking everywhere, the expense of parking everywhere, and the extreme expense of lodging. And Congress changes the rules constantly – this year, we were informed at the gate that our lobbying packets couldn’t be brought in – we simply came in a different entrance. You can’t cut across the Congressional lawn to get from House to Senate because they’re building a new underground visitor center, and the subway between House and Senate is also closed.

No matter, we still have to go. And we still have to lobby. Why? Because Lou Shelton and his clowns with the Traditional Values Coalition go there to lobby, and after they spend a week bullying nearly every semi-liberal office, some nice and polite people have to go and show our elected officials that not everyone in this country with a political opinion to express is a crude insane clown who never learned how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’,  and who lives in the current millenia.

Yes, you read that right. Lou Shelton’s TVC people are crude, rude clowns who are still living in a world most left behind in the 1900s. We heard that in nearly every office we visited. Nearly all of our lobbyists, all of whom were ordinary, unpaid citizens who traveled to DC on their own dime, heard about abusive groups of ministers and lay people, telling Congressmen, Senators, aides and even receptionists that they would be going to hell if their Member voted the wrong way. Profanity was even used. One Congressman told us that, after having his reelection campaign profanely threatened by the TVC lobbyists, he kicked them out of his office with the parting shot of “You aren’t Christians!  Pardon me, but I don’t recall a belief in Christ being a requirement for having a valid opinion on matters of state.

The Congressional Black Caucus offices were hit hard by the so-called Hi-Impact Leadership Coalition, which, according to those who lobbied the CBC offices, were the most crude, rude, and profane exchanges possible, with Congressmen and their staffs being told they’d “go to Hell” for their votes in favor of ENDA and hate crimes legislation.

Congress used to be a place where decorum ruled, crudeness was heavily frowned upon, and the issues of the day were discussed, sometimes heatedly, but without rancor towards each other. Not anymore, and nearly everyone agrees on that. The past few years have been evil for the psyche of this nation, and I cannot imagine how one could serve honestly and with distinction in Congress and still agree on nearly any matter with the venal, crude slob that wasn’t elected, but is serving as, President. And, of course, the bills we have been lobbying for are probably going to be vetoed by Bush the Idiot.

Worse yet, we keep hearing that the bills could be modified to exclude gender-variant individuals by HRC and Ted Kennedy. They’d better not. In that event, we WILL be back on the Hill, and will be lobbying to have them put back in, or for the total defeat of the legislation altogether. That is not negotiable. It’s all of us or none of us, and that is that. It’s sad that HRC still, apparently, doesn’t get it. Hopefully they will get it, soon.

That stated, we will never sink to the level of the Religious Reich. We will always be respectful and polite in offices. Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ on the Hill opened office doors for our lobbyists. Decorum and manners still work. The fact that Hi-Impact and TVC resorted to threats and profanity tells me that they aren’t real Christians, and are scared they’ll lose.

They should lose. They’re losers. Period.

More on the Lobby Days later. Got a Mitch McConnell story for you.


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