Mitch McConnell: World Class Asshole

Another tale from Lobby Days:

Dawn Wilson, another one of our lobbyists, visited the office of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Dawn, like me, is a Kentucky resident, and once served as a legislative aide in the late 1980s for Sen. McConnell. When she entered the office and asked to speak to an aide about S. 1107, she was shown the door, despite being a former aide AND a constituent.

There is an unwritten rule that Members of Congress always make a point of having their aides spend time with a concerned constituent, regardless of whether the office agrees with their take on the issues or not. This rule was observed by the Senators from Tennessee and Texas, all 4 of whom took the time to see their constituents, and none of the 4 are exactly liberals. Not Mitch.

A few minutes after Dawn was kicked out, I attempted to get an appointment. I was hung up on. Amazing. Amazingly stupid on McConnell’s part! God doesn’t hang up on me, let alone a useless fucking Republican Senator who’s sold out to the Religious Reich.
McConnell was elected in 1984, and I’ve made the mistake of voting for him several times. Admittedly, the Democrats have fielded terrible candidates against him. Even in 2002, I voted for him. But, never again. He is up in 2008, and he has to go and go now, even if the opposing candidate isn’t perfect.

Wonder what McConnell was scared of? We’re constituents from his home state. I suppose he considers what the Traditional Values Coalition is spewing to be more important than what a couple concerned constituents from his home state might think.  He apparently was scared of a few transpeople. Well, most of the worst transphobes I’ve met had a transgendered quirk themselves, or are attracted to trannies. Lessee, Mitch is 5 foot nothing tall…..he’d make a pretty good crossdresser, wouldn’t he? I bet I’m not wrong.

My op-ed piece for the Courier-Journal comes next……fuck you, Bitch McConnell, you closeted trannie, ya Senator from the Religious Reich, a man who’s political philosophy sounds best in the original German. I’m outing your ass. If I did to America, in supporting Bush’s warmongering and filthy rich-centered economic policies and selling out to the Religious Reich, what you’ve done, I’d be drowning in a vat of cheap Scotch. Hope you still have an employable skil, ’cause yer gonna need it in 2009.  I’d love to see you slingin’ hash at Waffle House, ya shithead.


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