Lately, I’ve been playing with an idea:

There are musicians these days, mainly the older ones, who still play benefits for causes they believe in. I wonder what the procedure would be for organizing such a benefit concert for a cause, so far as attracting the acts.

I’ve considered some I know have done benefits. Jackson Browne. David Crosby and Graham Nash. Invite Congressman John Hall of NY out of retirement to play some old “Orleans” tunes? Maybe George Clinton or Bootsy Collins. Earth, Wind, & Fire? Chicago? Melissa Etheridge? Jimmy Buffett? Steve Earle? Phil Lesh and Friends? Carly Simon? Carole King? Keith Jarrett? Robert Cray? Chick Corea? Mix jazz, acoustic folk, country, a touch of funk, and blues?

Have to educate them on the T community. I hardly think that difficult.

I thought maybe making it an all-acoustic show might be a good hook.

Open to suggestions and how-tos. I’ve read David Crosby’s “Stand and Be Counted”, and see this as a risky, but possible, venture.

Of course, I’d love to sing just one song in harmony with Crosby and Nash before I die. Time was, I could take Nash’s part fairly well. Nowadays, I sound like a cross between Stephen Stills and a UPS truck with a bad muffler. For my money, Nash and Crosby are the best harmony singers on the planet.

But, it’s all about the money. Takes money to win rights and do advocacy.


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