Governor Asshole Fletcher

In case you weren’t already aware of it, Kentucky does not have a Governor, it actually has an asshole, known as Ernie Fletcher. This lines up well with the heavily GOP-dominated State Senate.

Fletcher called a special session of the legislature, in order to deal with a shakedown by Peabody Coal Company, and to please his friends in the Religious Reich. The State House responded by adjourning until next January.

That’s the first sensible thing I’ve seen the Kentucky General Assembly do in many years.
The letter from Peabody Energy is on the state’s website. It’s nothing short of a shakedown, not unlike something Don Corleone would have written. The fact that Ernie Fletcher lacks the balls to tell them where to go and how to get there makes him unfit to serve. Worse, Fletcher included a redux of his proposed ban on domestic partner benefits in the agenda for the Special Session, and obviously he and his Religious Reich lackey friends are going to not get what they want now. Boo-hoo, Ernie.

It costs in the high 5 figures every day the Special Session is working, and the fact that Fletcher would waste hundreds of thousands of dollars of state money, in an effort to sell out to a corporate shakedown AND the Religious Reich AT THE SAME TIME, makes him even more truly unfit to govern than his previous acts have shown him to be. If the voters of Kentucky don’t defeat him by a massive margin, there is no hope for Kentucky, period.

Oh, yeah: did I tell you to go to hell, Fletcher? I just did.


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