Let’s Ram A House

First of all, check this link:


And you’ll find the story of Kerrick Jenkins, a shithead who likes to drink and drive, and ram houses with his SUV.

I know where this house is. You have to be trying to hit it with an SUV – this was no accident. If Jenkins didn’t do this deliberately, he must have been absolutely blind-drunk – and given his history, he probably was. There’s no reason for anyone who doesn’t live in that neighborhood to even be on that street – it is not a thoroughfare, it is a neighborhood street.

Thank God there were no injuries. The house suffered extensive damage. I suspect that Jenkins has no insurance – there’s no insurance company alive that should even consider giving a scumsucker like that car insurance. If he does not, he should be doing the rebuilding job himself on these people’s house, while in leg irons. After which, a few years in the slammer would be in order.

I greatly admire the dignity of the people wronged, on camera. Frankly, had Jenkins hit my house, the injuries of the accident would have been only the start or the beating he’d have taken.


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3 Comments on “Let’s Ram A House”

  1. Melissq Says:

    Hey. I was just researching Mr. Jenkins. I am the proud owner of the house he ran into. Thank you for your article. He is a scumsucker!


  2. Melissa, I dearly hope that y’all take Kerrick Jenkins to the cleaners – take
    everything he has, pull the food out of his kids’ mouths, make him work on the renovation himself, send him to jail. People like him don’t deserve to draw peaceful breath. Attempted murder, as far as I’m concerned. Good luck.

  3. Melissa Rennirt Says:

    Our trial was supposed to start on 1/16/08 and it was laid over until 4/16/08. This man is still out for now, I’ll keep u posted.

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