Gambling for Votes

Here we are, nearly October, and we have………..Republicans lying again on TV.

If it weren’t for the fact that Ernie Fletcher’s a world-class Religious Reicher, one could almost work up a bit of sympathy for him. Here he is, an incumbent Governor, and he’s losing by nearly 2 double digits. He and 23 others in his administration were indicted for various misdeeds, but not to worry, he’s issued all the pardons they’ll need to stay out of LaGrange. He has achieved absolutely nothing in office, other than the enrichment of his cronies, illegal financial support of religious institutions, erasure of fair hiring rules for state workers, and raising the speed limit to 70 on the interstates and parkways (well, the man had to get one thing right).

What’s a governor to do?

Easy. Keep the state free of casinos!

So, we are treated to ads that show that casinos aren’t a panacea for local economic recovery, and that people with gambling addictions have problems when casinos are closer to home.

No shit!

First of all, people with a gambling jones have plenty of opportunities in Kentucky already to place their bets – there’s always a racetrack running; Caesar’s, Belterra, Casino Aztar, Metropolis, etc. in nearby states; the state lottery; not to mention illegal gaming. Why make them pay their taxes in other states to get their game on? Gamblers will gamble, no matter the distance. Might as well let them do it here, employ people from and in Kentucky, etc.

The major Kentucky racetracks are already well equipped to manage gambling operations honestly and within the law. Keeneland, Churchill Downs (including the former Sports Spectrum training track facility), Turfway Park, Ellis Park, and the former Duelling Grounds are well located and spread throughout the states. It would vastly benefit the state economy to be able to use these facilities year-round – and keep KY dollars out of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and West Virginia. The benefits to tourism also would be positive.

There are many other issues of importance to this state, and Steve Beshear is talking about nearly all of them – better health care for our citizens, economic development and tourism, retention of existing businesses, and keeping taxes where they are. Fletcher only knows one thing: hate gays, and ban gambling.


In other news, this past weekend, the head of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control resigned. He got busted for DUI. 1.9 blood alcohol level. Drowning your sorrows already, eh?


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