ENDA the affair?

Two weeks ago, the transgender community let HRC into their largest gathering, the Southern Comfort Conference.  Some have written that it’s a marriage.  Certainly at least an affair. Well, somebody needs to stay up late, and get a lawyer off the TV, ’cause they need a divorce. Looks like HRC’s two-timed on the T community already.
With Barney Frank. Of all people. God only knows what kind of bacillococcus an organization or community might catch off that evil scumbag.

Yes, last Thursday night,  Frank dropped 2 versions of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, one strictly for gay/lesbian, one strictly for transgender,  into the House hopper, then withdrew his inclusive ENDA.  This he did with the full knowledge, indeed intention, that the T bill had zero chance.  Which is how much chance the marriage of T and HRC has of surviving. Britney Spears should have as long a honeymoon.

Those of us awake in the late wee hours, EDT, of September 26, probably felt like Marianne Faithfull in this little ditty, from her “Broken English” album – screwed, in other words.

When I stole a twig from our little nest
And gave it to a bird with nothing in her beak,
I had my balls and my brains put into a vice
And twisted around for a whole fucking week.
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you let that trash
Get a hold of your cock, get stoned on my hash ?

Why’d ya do it she said, why’d you let her suck your cock ?
Oh, do me a favour, don’t put me in the dark.
Why’d ya do it, she said, they’re mine all your jewels,
You just tied me to the mast of the ship of fools.

Why’d ya do it, she said, when you know it makes me sore,
‘Cause she had cobwebs up her fanny and I believe in giving to the poor.
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you spit on my snatch ?
Are we out of love now, is this just a bad patch ?

Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did ?
You drove my ego to a really bad skid.

Why’d you do it, she said, ain’t nothing to laugh,
You just tore all our kisses right in half!

Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d ya do what you did,
Betray my little oyster for such a low bitch.

Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did ?
You drove my ego to a really bad skid.

Why’d ya do it, she screamed, after all we’ve said
Every time I see your dick I see her cunt in my bed.

The whole room was swirling,
Her lips were still curling.

Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d ya do it, she said,
Why’d you do what you did ?

Oh, big grey mother, I love you forever
With your barbed wire pussy and your good and bad weather.
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did …

Ah, I feel better now.

“Why’d ‘ya do it?” – Marianne Faithfull 

 We know more now about what was done to us, than we did that night, but not too much. What is clear is this:

1. Frank spoke in his statement of a “whip count” that was taken the day before, that supposedly proved that ENDA couldn’t pass with gender inclusion, and the need for more education. However, he never bothered to make any attempt to get T activists to the needed offices for the needed education.  Further, I spoke to my Congressman, who was on the House Education/Labor committee, and he knew of no whip count taken.  So,  it turns out that Barney Frank is a goddamn liar, unless he can produce the names of the Congressman who, in this supposed count, need the education.

2.  HRC’s statement, while expressing regret for Frank’s action, neither called directly for opposition to the 2 ENDA strategy, nor did it state that it would not work for passage of same. What kind of spouse doesn’t support that which is most important to their partner?

3. Frank has a history of such behavior, from his open transphobia in the 1990s and early 2000s, up until the time that he jumped down the case of a transgender activist who had the temerity to thank him for his inclusion in ENDA, chewing her out for not having more transgender people doing ‘education”!  The man is a ‘phobe. Makes lots of sense for a guy who faces discrimination himself, to himself BE prejudiced.

4. With all due respect to the gay and lesbian folks, 70%+ of your community isn’t unemployed, severely underemployed, working in menial and temporary jobs, screwed over in family courts, and facing the specter of having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to be their kind of queer. The transgender community faces all that and more, and health insurance doesn’t cover any of it, most of the time.

5. Once again, frankly (I feel like I’m about to get rammed with a longneck every time I write that word), without gender inclusion, ENDA doesn’t even do a good job of protecting the jobs of gays and lesbians.  How is it that we can tell that Ellen DeGeneres or k.d.lang is lesbian, or that the guys on “Queer Eye” are, indeed, gay?  Because their  gender presentation doesn’t exactly jibe with American society’s expectation of what a man and woman are.  It isn’t about clothing.  Rosie O’Donnell would come off as obviously lesbian, no matter what she wore, just as Elton John would spontaneously combust just as well in jeans and a lumberjack shirt.

I’m going to be watching this week to see what transpires. There’s a real damn good chance the best-funded transgender lobbyist was aware of what was going on, and its known that she was slagging other transgender activists, who were given information on the Hill at their lobbying effort in May that this could well happen.  Well, those activists were right, and the famous legend in her own mind was either wrong, or a total fucking liar. If we find that she’s been acting on HRC marching orders, instead of T community orders, then she’s fresh baby ringed seal meat, ripe for the harvesting.  The truth may not always come out right away, but come out it will and does. This time, the divorce settlement will be too high to pay.

I’ve watched the great majority of the GLBT community denounce Frank’s action, and expect more to  follow suit. I’m very interested to see whether the Southern Comfort Conference gets the divorce that they should. They caught that trash, HRC, in bed with their barbed-wire  pussy around Frank’s cock, and they’d better kick it out of the hotel, or I won’t be returning – and I’ve attended 6 SCCs myself, and one with my wife.  It’d be a shame to see them get a disease, not knowing whether Frank and HRC were getting the afternoon quickie together, first.


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4 Comments on “ENDA the affair?”

  1. Monica Roberts Says:


    So tell us how you REALLY feel about this BS 😉

  2. Kat Says:

    The “best-funded transgender lobbyist”? Aware of what was going on? Slagging other transgender activists? Acting on HRC marching orders?


    You’re kidding, right?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!

    Next you’ll tell me Bush is a moron.

  3. black_mamba Says:

    Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

  4. Funny you’d say that, Black Mamba. Tomorrow is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, the day we recognize the transpeople who’ve succumbed to violence over the past year.
    People who face the widespread inability to find employment that transpeople do are much more likely to meet a violent end. Too many in our community have to work the streets for money, and we know how dangerous that is.

    So, yes, we’re bitter about this. More bittering, however, is the fact that Joe Solmonese had the chutzpah to bald-faced lie in front of 1000 of us, plus those who’ve seen it all
    on YouTube. There’s nothing, and I mean no-thing that Solmonese can possibly do to show the necessary class to let any T person trust him or HRC ever again.

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