Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh,
Black and orange stray cat sittin’ on a fence
Ain’t got enough dough to pay the rent
I’m flat broke but I don’t care
I strut right by with my tail in the air
“Stray Cat Strut” – Brian Setzer

I was working on my van a week or so back, when this cute little girl
walked up behind me. Her hair was a bit mussed up, but she had a face you couldn’t ignore, and a seductive feline way about her.

Hi, kitty.

She started winding her way around my legs, giving forth a tiny mew.
I looked at her, said “Where’d you come from?” Shemew’d again, plaintively.

I went back in the house, got a metal bowl of water, and gave it to her on my porch. I was afraid she’d find antifreeze instead of pure water, and didn’t want that guilt on my shoulders.

She hung around while I finished my work, then I had to leave. I said “bye, kitty,” and left.

Later that night, Susan came home from work. Reported that there was a kitty on the porch drinking a bowl of water, and that she’d given her some scraps from the fridge, and that she’d eaten them up.

Same kitty, of course. Spayed female, declawed, very friendly and affectionate. Wanted in, too.

The next few days, I took the kitty, who was quite amenable to being carried and petted, around the neighborhood. Everyone’d seen her around. Nobody knew who owned her.

We talked about it. No, we don’t want another cat. Not until we clean house, refinish floors, etc.

You see, I had Mikey for many years. The kitty who gave them reasons to get up at 6AM every day to let him out. The cat who caused my mom to slip on the driveway, breaking her hip the first time. The cat who moved 4 times with me, and who accepted all my transgender friends (except Karen, who “dizzied” him by spinning him on a wood floor, and who was regarded with fear and loathing by Mikey until his death), and who bonded nearly immediately on meeting Susan. The kitty who brightened my mom’s day when he visited her in the nursing home. The kitty who ruined Susan’s wood floors the last year he was alive. The kitty I nursed the last week he was alive. The kitty I miss every day since he passed on last summer from kidney failure, at 18.

Sometimes, you don’t get to choose. The little girl hung around. Was there when we went out, when we came in. For a week or more. So, last week, Susan and I went and purchased kitty litter,
a shallow tub, a scooper, and dry and wet cat food. Then we brought the little girl inside. She slept with Susan and I that night, explored the house all day, and purrs constantly.

Last Saturday, I had to do a solemn duty: scattering my parents’ ashes in Lake Michigan. Monica and I said a solemn prayer that they were, and have been, in a better place where they don’t suffer anymore. I thought of Mikey that day, too, as they’re all together now. I think all approve of my life these days. I think they approve of Susan, how could they not? And I think Mikey now can
be satisfied to be with them, and to know that I have a wonderful little kitty running around the house, purring.

Of course, this could be someone’s pet, as well kept as it had been. But she’d been on her own for a long time, was undernourished, and would have died before long. She has no desire to go outside, nor do I plan to let her out much. If she turns out to be a lost pet, and the original owner can ID her, of course they’ll get her back if they want. But, as of now, she’s ours, and we’re glad she found us.

Her name is Sandy.

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