Announcing The First Annual Ringed Seal Awards

In late December, most news networks, magazines, and such, have Top Ten lists, annual awards, etc. I decided that I should do the same.

Of course, as you all know, the favorite food of any polar bear is ringed seal. Nothing like tying into a fresh ringed seal. Go back in the directory, and look at “Knut’s Father Speaks” for the details.

There are people in this world that deserve to be torn asunder and fed upon, much as the polar bear rips and feeds on the ringed seal. And that’s who will be winning these annual awards.

Here are some of the nominees for 2007:

George Bush

General Petraeus

Mitch McConnell

Barney Frank

Jim Bunning

Hal Heiner

Joe Solmonese

John Cornyn

Britney Spears

Condosleeza Rice

Ernie Fletcher

Stan Lee (the Kentucky Klansman/politician – I have no issue with the cartoonist)

Richie Farmer

Thomas Robert Kerr

John Roberts

Antonin Scalia

Clarence Thomas

I am accepting all other possible nominations, along with reason for the nomination. Anyone that deserves to turn into bloody pulp before your very eyes.


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2 Comments on “Announcing The First Annual Ringed Seal Awards”

  1. Rupert Murdoch and FOX ‘News’

  2. I think I’d better add Frank Simon, Ann Elmore, and Carol Haddad, as well, although
    Frank Simon’s beneath the level of pond scum, anyway.

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