Top 10 Transgender Cars

As usual, the Car Talk guys, aka Click and Clack, have unearthed automotive data that all
of us need to know. In this case, they’ve surveyed their listeners, carefully compiled the data,
and are revealing for us the Top Ten cars of choice for gay men and lesbian women.
You can read the original descriptions at
10. Chevy S-10
9. Volvo Wagon
8. Ford Ranger
7. Nissan X-Terra
6. Geo Tracker
5. Honda CR-V
4. Ford F150
3. Jeep Wrangler
2. Subaru Forester
1. Subaru Outback

10. Chrysler Sebring Convertible
9. VW Cabrio
8. VW Golf
7. Saturn SC1
6. Saab 900
5. Mazda Miata
4. Jeep Wrangler
3. BMW 3 – series
2. VW New Beetle
1. VW Jetta
Of course, they Car Guys have overlooked altogether the transgender community, so we’re going to have to fill the gap they’ve left behind. Here goes…..for the m2fs.
10. Chevy Suburban. It’ll hold the entire Klinger collection for the trip to Fantasia Fair, and not get stuck in the snow.
9. Ford Windstar. Perfect traveling vehicle for those trips to Southern Comfort. Plus you’ll pass as a soccer mom.
8.Honda Civic Coupe. But you can only rice-rocket the thing out if you really pass well…….
7.Ford Taurus. You can get a nice one at your local auto auction for a song. Smooth highway cruiser that gets good mileage. And nobody will ever notice you, even in deepest darkest cracker country.
6.Ford Mustang. At least one in this country has T GIRL on the license plate. Screams GIRL!!!!!
5.Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager. You can get all your friends, all your clothes, and with the stow n’ go seating, if you lose your job, you can live in it. Put a BABY ON BOARD tag on the back for extra passability.
4.VW New Beetle. Perfect style statement for the postop girl. Get the TDI if you’re the green type. Put silk flowers in the vase.
3. Kia Rio/Hyundai Accent. Same car, basically. Cheapest new car you can get, and it has a 100K warranty.
2. Toyota Corolla. Cheap, dependable, good gas mileage. The practical girl’s car.
1. Volvo 240. You can get them cheap, they’re easy to work on, and they will last all the way through your transition.

Now for you guys…….I need some input. C’mon guys, help me out. At least some of you drive.
You don’t all live in New York and ride the schlubway.

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