HRC: Got Am4?

Before reading this, please read my premature, but eventually accurate, burial of ENDA, entitled “ENDA the Status Quo”. Of course, November 7 is a date that will live in infamy, forever, to the transgender community, much as Pearl Harbor Day does. Indeed, the transgender community was screwed – by Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi (right down to her fucking lavender suit), George Miller, Steny Hoyer, and the rest of the House Leadership. But the behavior of HRC in the days previous to the vote was nothing short of murderous. From their thus-far unsubstantiated false poll to their joint letter with organizations that never signed onto it, to Solmonese’s bald-faced LIE to the T community at SCC, to HRC’s crass and blood-money-infused attempt to take over Transgender Day of Remembrance events in DC, Houston, and Chicago, HRC proved to be the enemy of the transgender community that many of us have remained convinced they have been since 1995. For the transgender community to EVER do business with HRC again would be the same as Charles Manson being allowed to be the President of the Sharon Tate fan club.

Kind of makes you want to get an old truck, some manure, and diesel fuel, and park it on Rhode Island Ave., doesn’t it? I can’t quite recommend that, it would be a waste of a perfectly usable old van or truck. Of course, HRC is a perfect waste of about $25 million annually.

Where to from here?

1. Transgender people who ever did business with HRC, or who put roadblocks in the way of activists’ attempts to warn the transgender community that this debacle was coming (her initials are MK), need to apologize to the community at large, in front of the IFGE and Southern Comfort conventions in 2008. There are some that might never forgive them. Most, however, will – myself included, because the lessons they learned in doing so are valuable to us, as a community. But it’s necessary to start the healing process with apologies, to acknowledge the mistakes made through egomania and rivalry, and to help keep them from happening again. Make no mistake, this is one very pissed-off community right now, and this would go a long way to heal the rifts.

2. The “Big Payback” report will be going back online very soon, along with other first-person accounts of the prevarications, calumnies, and downright deceitful acts of HRC towards the transgender community. No amount of begging or legal threats by HRC will get it removed this time. I recently realized that many of the activists around now simply don’t know the history us old fogies lived through – and those who don’t know the history are in danger of letting it happen again. The history needs to be there, and as we say in d’a South, hell no, we ain’t fergettin’.

3. UnitedENDA is the only hope the T community has, politically. We will have to work with them. Which means the rifts between groups in UnitedENDA, particularly trans groups, will have to be sorted out. That won’t be easy, but it will have to be done. Again, humble pie will have to be served in copious quantities. At the same time, if all the groups in UnitedENDA share their individual fund raising plans, and share speakers, a lot of good networking opportunities can spring forth – and we already know that NGLTF is a very useful and helpful organization, now proven in the heat of battle.

4. Let us ask HRC, as a community, to drop T from its mission, website, and lobbying. They cannot be trusted to advocate for us, but as long as they can pretend in their mission to be our friends, they can come back and try to raise money from the T community – money we need to build our own organizations. Likewise, no T organization should ever accept HRC money again – it is blood money.

5. Heavy protestation and pressure on HRC, particularly on their fund raising dinners. Every dollar HRC raises is money that should go to UnitedENDA, or one of its member groups. Also support opposition to Frank, politically, and possibly Pelosi. They don’t think we have power, but we do, if we want to use it. Make sure they know that, if T isn’t in the 2009 ENDA bill, we can and will bring it down in flames. We will know to expect a war next time out, and more of us can budget the work time and bring the heat.

6. Hang Joe Solmonese, Barney Frank, and Nancy Pelosi in effigy (just kidding…….maybe, maybe not).

I disagree, vehemently, with activists who say that “we have to do business with HRC eventually” and “Frank really doesn’t hate us.” Bologna! Neither will ever lift a finger to this community, unless the hand contains a knife and it’s heading for our backs. History tells us that this is not an original happening, but a repeat of the past, many times repeated in fact – and if you work with them, HRC learns more about this community, and they learn more sophisticated ways to thread the big screw – as we saw this year.

HRC can play their game, spewing “beltway doublespeak” when confronted – but the fact remains that Joe Solmonese is a fucking liar – call him what he is and I don’t care how nice a guy he is, he is a fucking liar – and that HRC is a corrupt, money grubbing black hearted ho’ of an organization.

And, tune in while we’re stripped from the hate crimes bill, now in the House as part of the defense appropriations bill. What fun. I wonder if HRC and the House leadership realizes what kind of effigy they’re laying the kindling, for?

Last night I saw a fire burning

on the palace lawn.
O’er the land
The humble subjects
watched in mixed Emotion.

Who is burnin’?
Who is burnin’?
Who is burnin’?
Who is burnin’?

Last night I saw the fire spreadin’

to The palace door.
Silent majority

Weren’t keepin’ quiet Anymore.


Last night I saw the fire spreadin’

to The country side.
In the mornin’ Few were left
to watch The ashes die.



John Fogerty

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10 Comments on “HRC: Got Am4?”

  1. Kelli Busey Says:

    Mr Polar Bear ya got a way with words, I beleave I saw a trail of dismembered letters in my rear view. I am one of those new advocates but due to my cynical nature I saw thru the ruse early, and then explored history. I sounded an alarm and was shouted down by a friend who was art Southern comfort. I watched in horor as she fell apart in agony over the betrayal. Today I am voluntering at a Black tie event for Equality Texas. The proceeds will be divided among the particpants acording to the percentage of volunteers. hrc will be in attendance so I am doingf this in part to deprive hrc of as much as I can. It’s not alot and I hate it to be in the same room, but I will do everything I can. So soldier on and let the truth win out!

  2. I would like to say nice letter right on the mark with HRC. My name is Janice Covington Allison Chair of . Our membership is well over 1000 Transgenders in the Southeast. HRC is a fucking deceitful organization. I was one of the ones that got sucked in by there lie’s. I campaigned for them. I handed out there propaganda and believed in them as if they were our saviors. I spoke on stage during my shows in cities such as Greensboro NC and Florence SC to help them gather up there war chest to fight Congress for ENDA. I spoke at the University of South Carolina of how they were fighting for the entire GBLT community. Boy was I ever fucking mislead by them. I feel betrayed. I was made into a liar and a fool. Fuck them.

    I and TransCarolina supported HRC. We attended the HRC Gala in Charlotte back in February of this year. They made over us like we were welcomed. They made us feel special. I see now it was like leading us to the slaughter house. They did not even waste a bullet on us they used a 4 LB hammer to kill us like cattle.

    I have people in my organization that depended on ENDA to pass. I have members that are desperate to find work. I have seen suicides and homeless Transgenders some in my own organization. Some of them attended the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta and heard first hand Joe the dog liar. This person and there board of directors should be fired by there membership.

    HRC can never be trusted by the transgender community again. The way to hurt them is by removing the money thats there blood. [Remove the money kills the snake]. They still say they are trans inclusive. Fucking liars. HRC still has some of our young working with them. They have brain washed them into believing they done all they could for us and that the future is still ours. BULL SHIT.

    The Gays and the Lesbians of HRC are not happy campers for what they did to us the Transgender community. Some that I have talked to has withdrawn there membership to HRC in support of us. If Joe wanted a long time job and carrier with HRC i think he and his STREET GANG just fucked up. In my opinion I think that the LGB community will deal with them by throwing there traitor ass out the door.

    I will never be fooled by them again. Every chance I get I will cut there throat. I will talk against there lie’s. I will hit them where it hurts in there selfish lying ass pockets

    Thank you.
    Janice Allison
    Charlotte NC

  3. Janice,
    Are you acquainted with my good friend Angela Brightfeather, in your state?
    She is planning an educational demonstration at next year’s HRC dinner in
    Charlotte. I recommend strongly you get in touch with her. I can give you her
    email if you need it. Tell her the Polar Bear sent you…….

  4. Hi Polar Bear. Yes I do know Angela Brighfeather. Angela is a very dedicated individual she has done wonders for the transgender community over the years. .We love her.

    Hugs Janice

  5. Sara Says:


  6. Sara Says:

    ummm are u a real polar bear?

  7. That depends on your point of view, Sara. I can swim like a polar bear. I’m cold, like a polar bear. I enjoy hibernating. I’m about the size of a polar bear. I’m about the color of a polar bear. And, I can be about that mean, if the seal deserves it……

  8. Sarah Bitman Says:

    “Hi Polar Bear. Yes I do know Angela Brighfeather. Angela is a very dedicated individual she has done wonders for the transgender community over the years. .We love her.

    Hugs Janice”

    HRC is to the Transgender Community as Janice is to anyone who speaks out in the Transgender Community. I have seens some nasty things Janice has said against Angela.

    As a lesbian, why should I trust what Janice says. Typical of the transgender community. We should at least get some rights.

  9. Sarah,
    I don’t know what your differences are with Janice, and don’t particularly care. That’s between you two. What being a lesbian has to do with Janice’s statement isn’t clear to me.
    One thing that is clear to me is that allowing ENDA to pass without T inclusion is completely unacceptable and politically stupid, and I will not put up with it.


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