Got yer brackets done?

Got yer brackets done, yet?

Well, I’ve been considering them, and it shapes up to being an interesting tournament.

Let’s cut to the chase: in the East, I see UNC, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Washington St., Oklahoma, Louisville, Butler, and Tennessee making the round of 32.

In the Midwest, it will be Kansas, Kent St., Villanova, Vanderbilt, USC, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, and Georgetown.

In the South, Memphis, Mississippi St., Michigan St., Pitt, Marquette, Stanford, Miami, and Texas.

In the West, UCLA, Texas A&M, Drake, UConn, Purdue, Georgia, West Virginia, and, of course, Dork, er, Duke.

Let’s go to the Sweet 16: North Carolina, Notre Dame, Louisville, Tennessee, Kansas, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Georgetown, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Texas, UCLA, Drake, Georgia, and Dork.

At this point, we’ll discuss upsets and such. Indiana is in disarray after the Kelvin Sampson firing, Arkansas will take them right out. Kent St. is better than people would think. As much as I’d like to see Kentucky advance, I think Marquette will slaughter them. I see Drake as a powerful team and a sleeper with nothing to lose. And Georgia became a rock-hard team this past weekend, shaped by adversity, and might go far.

The Elite 8: North Carolina, Louisville, Kansas, Georgetown, Pitt, Texas, UCLA, Georgia. Yes, I picked Georgia to advance over Dork (I think WVa will give them all they want the game before), and Louisville to edge Tennessee – and not because I’m a Louisville alumni, but because they are playing fantastic defense right now. The big one here is Pitt over Memphis: I like Memphis, but I think any team that wins the Big East this year has to simply be unstoppable.

The Final Four: Louisville, Kansas, Pitt, UCLA. First of all, I think Louisville can strangle Hansbrough of UNC. The Kansas-Georgetown game may be the best of the tournament Pitt-Memphis isn’t), but I’m taking the Jayhawks because they are a beautifully balanced team that does everything well. Pitt should take Texas out in a good game. I think Georgia’s luck runs out with UCLA – impressive personnel, well coached.

I think Louisville’s defense will keep the game close, but Kansas is too well balanced and has a decided scoring advantage over the Ville. I think Pitt can beat UCLA, in, once again, a titanic struggle that could go OT.

The championship game. Kansas Vs Pitt. I think Pitt will outmuscle the Jayhawks. Pitt 66, Kansas 62

Your mileage may vary


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