A too-curious cat

Is it considered bad form for a polar bear to pull a dirty trick on a cat?

Sandy enjoys milk. Really enjoys milk. To the extent that she will jump onto the countertop when a polar bear stops to fix a beverage, in the hopes that the beverage will be milk. She will take a couple of laps off the top of the beverage, as if to pass approval-and request her own portion.

And so it was this evening. Except that the beverage in question was not milk. It was a Cuba Libre.  Yes, Appleton Estate dark rum, diet Coke, and a splash of lime, served over ice.  Yum.

Not yum. Sandy just had to have a taste.

Now, cats generally don’t like alcohol. Or cola. Or lime. Sandy took a taste, looked up at me with the “how can you drink this stuff?” look on her cute little face, then looked at me disapprovingly as I went back downstairs with my drink.

I fixed another some time later. She stayed away as soon as she saw me reach for the rum bottle.

Perhaps Scotch and milk might be more to her liking?

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