Good and bad news

First, the good:

These folks will make you smile. They’re 70 years old and up, and singing rock n’ roll. The gentleman singing “Fix Me” by Coldplay, with the beat kept by his oxygen machine, was special.

Then, the bad:

> Phyllabuster: HRC goes petty: directs security to
> escort educators  out
>    The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) just got more
> petty  and immature in
> responding to protests of its actions last fall that
> clearly  divided a once
> united GLBT community.
>    As we arrived at the site for the Houston
> protest  of the HRC fundraiser
> this Saturday, April 12th afternoon (reposts below
> for  those new to this
> saga), we were told by hotel security that HRC had
> changed its  mind about our
> attempts to educate.
>    We would be allowed to enter (without signs or
> banners, which we had
> never planned to bring inside).  If we went
> directly to the event located on the
> second floor, we could hand out our lapel  stickers
> that read, “GLBT & ENDA:
> United, Not Divided: I Support FULL  Transgender
> Inclusion.”  And we could
> engage in conversation and educate  those people who
> wanted to listen and learn.
>    So we walked around, outside the hotel for  over
> an hour, carrying signs
> and visiting with each other.  It  was very
> festive.
>    The Houston Police gave us NO trouble.  There
> were two very minor
> incidents where officers got a bit testy,  but when
> I called their OIC, those
> officers were told they were wrong and  to stop
> being testy with us.  The rest of
> the force were very polite to  us.
>    We joked amongst ourselves that we hardly
> warranted  the riot barricades
> or the eight, horse-mounted officers or the  other
> preparations and
> personnel.  But the police felt it was better to be
> prepared than not.
>    The hotel had a guard at each door and along
> several parts of the
> sidewalk.  They had placed traffic cones
> everywhere.
>    It was surreal — all that effort for just
> little  ole, inoffensive us.
>    After we had watched a lot of folks enter for
> the  HRC event and it
> approached the planned 6 PM beginning, three of us
> entered the  hotel, prepared to
> chat and educate for the hour before the 7 PM
> dinner,  using our stack of 3 x
> 2 lapel stickers to initiate conversation.
>    We were met at the top of the escalator by an
> HRC official wearing a
> cream colored business skirt and coat.  I asked if
> this was the HRC event area,
> and she said yes.  So I offered someone a  lapel
> sticker.  I was immediately
> corrected, “No, not here, but here (she  was
> indicating a place 18 inches away
> on the other side of a rope).  Hotel  security was
> poised nearby.
>    So we walked along the rope to an opening and
> around to the other side
> of the rope.  I then offered another lapel  sticker.
>  An HRC man with a pink
> tie, a pink vest and dyed blonde hair  (clearly who
> would be discriminated
> against on the basis of “gender  expression”) said,
> “No, not hear, but here
> (pointing us back to the initial  place that we had
> just left).
>    I pulled out my cell phone.  Immediately,  the
> HRC guy told the hotel
> security to escort us out of the hotel.  An  event
> photographer took a photo as
> the hotel security closed and asked us  to leave.
> There was no hustle.  The
> security was polite.  But we  had to leave at HRC’s
> direction and insistence!
>    So we did our gig outside until 7 PM.  The
> weather was beautiful.
> During this part of our gig when we had planned to
> be inside educating, some
> friends drove up and lowering their window, asked
> how  it was going.  I told them
> about being escorted out at the direction of HRC
> when I began to offer lapel
> stickers.  Our friends took a stack of lapel
> stickers and said, “They won’t
> ask us to leave!”
>    As our group was packed up and leaving, I  got a
> phone call that HRC had
> finally agreed to allow us to come in  now — after
> 7 PM, when all the
> cocktail chatty and education time was  finished and
> folks would be sitting down to
> eat and hear a program.  Or we  could come back at
> 10 PM to offer folks our
> stickers as they left the  event.
>    After being jerked around by HRC for the past
> hour, we were not about to
> submit ourselves to another trick or  lie.  We left
> to refresh and reflect
> at the nearby eatery.
> NOTE: Protests against HRC are being planned for New
> Orleans and  Phoenix.  I
> will send info when I get it.
> Phyllis Randolph Frye
> _www.tglegal.com_ (
> _prfrye@aol.com_ (

So, we can, from Phyllis Frye’s account of the event, glean the following.

1. HRC had arranged for enough security to prevent Osama bin Laden, or the Phred Phelps Cult, from infiltrating their soiree.  Probably far more security, between hotel security, HRC’s security people, and the Houston Police, than would be needed to squelch an IRA attack. Mounted officers? Really, now!

2. The transgender contingent was jerked around on purpose, and with intention of being thrown off the premises, by HRC’s people. It’s either a case of 3 different people with 3 different instructions (in which case, the HRC organizers were disorganized dumbasses, certainly a possibility), or  they meant to jerk the protesters around. Which meant that the person who told  Phyllis that they could “educate” inside was obviously a graduate of the “Joe Solmonese Never Tell Trannies The Truth” course.

3. The good part: there seem to have been no mishaps, no arrests, and nobody needing bail money. I feared for the protesters safety and liberty. These are people I’ve met and respect greatly, and an organization that deliberately can lie to 1000 T people is also possibly capable of other acts of violence against transpeople.

The transgender community needs to make it it’s mission, from here on out, to protest and educate at each and every HRC gala event, in each and every city in the US, with the goal of educating, embarrassing, and protesting HRC’s propensity to deliberately lie and subvert the T community, as well as making their attendees question the wisdom of donating money to an organization that lies like a Persian rug.  A distraction? Possibly, but if HRC isn’t forced to stop their lying about, and subversion of, the T community, we will be prevented from accessing offices in DC, and will be locked out by Barney Frank, at HRC’s behest. It’s a dirty job, but it will have to be done, and we may have to get our hands dirty to do it. It’s engineering. You have to get your hands dirty, sometimes. Kudos to my friends and associates in Houston for showing the fortitude, wisdom, and good common sense that is endemic to Texans.


Reading: Still working on “John Adams”, by David McCullough

On the turntable: Laura Nyro, “Eli & The Thirteenth Confession”

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One Comment on “Good and bad news”

  1. HRC the proclaimed representatives of the Transgender community In their pursuit of the Trans dollar. With the win back program. HRC cannot operate without our Green Backs, Its a fact of economic’s. After ditching us last fall, they have come to realize a nightmare they did not foresee. They grossly underestimated the strength and determination of the Transgender Community. While at the table of negotiations they willingly failed to represent us. To them we are just a Society of uneducated individuals.

    In the fall of 2007, HRC dashed our hopes of equality again. Joe even made a Big Ass of himself in Atlanta with his promises and reassurances that HRC would not leave the transgender community behind. His speech at the Southern Comfort Convention was nothing more than a HRC crowed pleaser. Only to tell us later it was a negotiation strategy, Don’t worry we will come back for you. Now that is a classic crock of shit. Kind of like snip hunting, huh? Here hold this bag.

    HRC care’s nothing about you or anyone else. Its job security for Joe and his staff at HRC Headquarters in Washington DC. Your money is the source of survival to them. Without Trans dollars its a death sentence for HRC. No money No pay. Think about it. With our support from the LGB comunity we are being taken seriously. It has been evident at the recent HRC Gala’s. We are now causing damage to the HRC’s war chest. Lack of attendance is apparent. HRC is in a state of panic. They are scared of loosing there Big Kid on the block statues in DC. lol. In my opinion they should be.

    Look at it like this, Many of you have been in sales meetings or have worked with company’s that are service oriented. One day you loose a key customer, like in this case of HRC loosing transgender financial support. What just happened? Your company and you face a future of uncertainly because sales just went to hell. Without money to function the company starts to die. The desperation sets in. Your company try’s to rebound with promises, But fails. Well HRC look out you are about to see your Dissipation light.

    HRC is so arrogant they forgot the basic’s of business. like the old saying the customer is always right. Well in this case HRC as you did in years past you ripped our clothes off and fucked us. Well HRC no more. I for one like to be kissed before I get fucked. I must have been asleep, wake me when your done. Does HRC think we are their harem of whores? Well never again, you ran out of chances. Now they have resorted to beating us up and having us arrested. Next thing you know they will be shaving our heads and gassing us.

    HRC has brought this on it self. Not Congress, Not the Transphobic Barney Frank . The incompetence of the HRC board of directors did. It was HRC’s job to educate the Congressional committee about the importance of a Trans inclusive ENDA. Instead they botched it like a six year old trying to jack off for the first time. The millions of dollars wasted by HRC is a crime. Joe should be butt Fucked without lubrication.

    The Transgender community can come together and excel forward. It just takes guidance from the right leadership. We must come together and trust each other again. This is our only salvation. We must not wither. If we do we are dead in the water. I say lets move on and forget about wasting our energy on HRC. Either we should seek out another organization or form our own. But lets move on.

    In closing, the one of many things that scares me about HRC is their desperation. Desperation to survive can hurt us and rip us apart from within. HRC recruits our up coming young trnsgender advocates for an easy lay. They think by doing this they can discredit our elders. Not a chance. With age, and experience comes wisdom. We will never let them gain a foot hold on us again. Three chances is enough.

    Hugs Janice Covington Allison Chair of TransCarolina

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