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Cats with claws

November 16, 2009

imgres.jpegBengals 18. Steelers 12. At Heinz Field.

Yes. It’s true.



Out of hibernation

November 15, 2009

Can’t believe I’ve overlooked writing in this since July 2008. I forgot to write about my knee being blown apart last year, or about my happiness at the election of Barack Obama, or about the economic crash, or anything else of note……

Let’s take off on new subjects.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and this has been the most boring year on record. The GOP has sold out to the corporatists and become the party of no, and the Dems have sold out to the corps nearly as much.  I’ll refrain from discussing economics now, that’s a lengthy post for another day. I’m happy that Matthew Shepard passed, and markup on an inclusive ENDA is due to happen this week, but I’m at a point where I hold Harry Reid in nearly the same contempt I hold Bitch McConnell. At least Nancy Pelosi has some balls.

Bengals fans, we’ll know in a few hours if we really have another shot at a Super Bowl – it depends on what happens against the Steelers today. Whenever the Bengals have had a good defense – and they do this year, by God – they’ve gone to the Super Bowl. Not to mention Carson Palmer, Cedric Benson, and the ever-present Ochocinco. I’m keeping fingers crossed for a Bengals – Saints Super Bowl. Maybe……..

In music, there’s only been 2 new albums that have impressed me the least bit at all, but both are excellent: Dan Fogelberg’s “Love In Time”, and Dream Theater’s “Black Clouds and Silver Linings”.  Fogelberg passed on from prostate cancer in late 2007, but he completed this album before his death and left it for his wife to issue, with a donation from each download or sale to benefit the fight against the disease that killed him.  It’s a rich album, with songs that have meaningful lyrics and easygoing melodies. Fogelberg has always been all that, both as a musician and songwriter, and it’s a damn shame he’s gone, but we still have his music to remember him by. Download this one by all means.

Likewise, Dream Theater’s latest.   If there’s a better drummer on the planet than Mike Portnoy, I don’t know who they are.  If you haven’t heard Dream Theater, and you like 1970s progressive rock or late 1980s metal, think about what a combination of the two might sound like, and you have the idea. Rush would be the closest comparison, but the styles are different, and the musicianship is excellent. As for “Clouds”, there’s not a bad cut on it. Start with “A Rite of Passage”, then ‘Wither”. You will be hooked. Spring for the “special edition”, which has a great cover – covers of 1970s rock classics is a Dream Theater hallmark – of Queen’s “Tenement Funster”, “Flick of the Wrist”, and “Lily of the Valley”, from “Sheer Heart Attack.” James Labrie comes pretty damn close to channelling the late, incomparable Freddie Mercury.

Enough for tonight. I won’t take another year to return. Maybe I’ll make this a nightly thing.