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Hockey’s Greatest Hit

April 18, 2008

I admit to being a hockey fan. It’s not a sport that translates to television well, but, in person, it’s some of the greatest fun you can have in a sports arena.

In my opinion, this is hockey’s greatest hit. It took place during the 1995 Stanley Cup Finals, a classic between the Detroit Red Wings and New Jersey Devils. Hope this ends up watcheable, most of my attempts at posting graphics don’t turn out well.

Now, c’mon, wouldn’t you really love to lay that hit on George Bush? Or Barney Frank? Or Ted Kennedy? Or Joe Solmonese?


Got yer brackets done?

March 18, 2008

Got yer brackets done, yet?

Well, I’ve been considering them, and it shapes up to being an interesting tournament.

Let’s cut to the chase: in the East, I see UNC, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Washington St., Oklahoma, Louisville, Butler, and Tennessee making the round of 32.

In the Midwest, it will be Kansas, Kent St., Villanova, Vanderbilt, USC, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, and Georgetown.

In the South, Memphis, Mississippi St., Michigan St., Pitt, Marquette, Stanford, Miami, and Texas.

In the West, UCLA, Texas A&M, Drake, UConn, Purdue, Georgia, West Virginia, and, of course, Dork, er, Duke.

Let’s go to the Sweet 16: North Carolina, Notre Dame, Louisville, Tennessee, Kansas, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Georgetown, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Texas, UCLA, Drake, Georgia, and Dork.

At this point, we’ll discuss upsets and such. Indiana is in disarray after the Kelvin Sampson firing, Arkansas will take them right out. Kent St. is better than people would think. As much as I’d like to see Kentucky advance, I think Marquette will slaughter them. I see Drake as a powerful team and a sleeper with nothing to lose. And Georgia became a rock-hard team this past weekend, shaped by adversity, and might go far.

The Elite 8: North Carolina, Louisville, Kansas, Georgetown, Pitt, Texas, UCLA, Georgia. Yes, I picked Georgia to advance over Dork (I think WVa will give them all they want the game before), and Louisville to edge Tennessee – and not because I’m a Louisville alumni, but because they are playing fantastic defense right now. The big one here is Pitt over Memphis: I like Memphis, but I think any team that wins the Big East this year has to simply be unstoppable.

The Final Four: Louisville, Kansas, Pitt, UCLA. First of all, I think Louisville can strangle Hansbrough of UNC. The Kansas-Georgetown game may be the best of the tournament Pitt-Memphis isn’t), but I’m taking the Jayhawks because they are a beautifully balanced team that does everything well. Pitt should take Texas out in a good game. I think Georgia’s luck runs out with UCLA – impressive personnel, well coached.

I think Louisville’s defense will keep the game close, but Kansas is too well balanced and has a decided scoring advantage over the Ville. I think Pitt can beat UCLA, in, once again, a titanic struggle that could go OT.

The championship game. Kansas Vs Pitt. I think Pitt will outmuscle the Jayhawks. Pitt 66, Kansas 62

Your mileage may vary


Present book: “The Majors” by John Feinstein

On the turntable: “Around The World With Three Dog Night”

Anybody Got a Job For Marty Schottenheimer?

September 25, 2007

I have to admit that I was puzzled by the firing of Marty Schottenheimer, after the 14-2 Chargers’ 06-07 season. Yes, they lost a squeaker to the Patriots – but losing to the Patriots is hardly a sin. Word was that Schottenheimer and the GM were not getting along. Regardless, they did so anyway, and hired Norv Turner “to win them a championship”.

Well, it’s now week 3 of the 2007-8 season – and the Chargers are 1-2, and the win came against a team with no quarterback – the Bears.

Y’all reckon ya should have kept Marty? What the hell has Norv Turner ever won? And how long will it take for another team to hire – and win with – Marty as coach? Before this season is out…….


Has anyone else wondered…..

July 4, 2007

Why the hell people watch POKER on TV?

I can’t imagine anything more boring. Soccer is scintillating must-see TV, in comparison.


Go Gophers!

March 25, 2007

I’ve been watching the fans of UK basketball lately, with great interest. How can one miss them? They’re the ones who are wiping the leftover grease from their freshly eaten young,  off their chops.

But I digress.

Well, you UK fans got what you wanted – or maybe not. You ran Tubby Smith right out of Kentucky. You wanted his head on a pike. Well, he landed where he deserved – Minnesota. We Minnesota fans will love him. He’ll get us to the tourney every year, and advance in it occasionally. He is a fine game coach, good at encouraging his players to attend class, and will run a clean program – and we’ve never won AND had a clean program. We’re going to have some fun in the North Country.

So, lessee. When HAS Kentucky had a coach that was really good. Just when?

Adolph Rupp was a bigoted asshole. Yes, he won titles – but not even half the titles John Wooden won in the same era.  The Texas Western debacle sums it up well.

Joe B. Hall was Tubby Smith in opposite: great recruiter, lousy game coach, ran a crooked program, who knows if the players went to class or not? I will never forget watching the first “dream game” against Louisville: while Denny Crum diagrammed plays and directed and coached his arse off, the Beezman was foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.

Eddie Sutton: “glug glug glug glug, burp, crash, zzzzzzzzzzz”……..$Here, your coach is passed out, take this money$$$$……..”   (hic) Ah suppose we’ll go out and recroo Johnnie Walker (hic, clunk, zzzzzzz.”  “Sure, Eric, so what you didn’t pass the ACT, we can get a cheerleader with a 3.8 to take the test for you”…….”Rex, what’re you doing dating that black cheerleader?  And play some defense already!” ” “Shut up Sutton, I’ll date who I want, and my dad’s the only coach I listen to, you old drunk….” “Nice Corvette, Rex.  Looks new. By the way, don’t they ever charge you for those burgers at Ritzy’s?”  “When’s that Emory truck gonna get here?”  “Call that Chevy dealer and make sure Mills gets that Cavalier convertible.”

By the way, that’s the kind of coach I predict you get again, next, you UK fans.

Rick Pitino: the only coach you’ll ever need – or welcome back. With boos, since he’s gonna retire in about 10 years, after Louisville wins at least 1 more title and gets to a couple more Final Fours, with him as coach. He ain’t coming back, kiddos.

Tubby: fine game coach, so-so recruiter, honest as day is long, runs clean program. Won a title, made tourney every year, elite eights, sweet 16s, still not good enough.

So, who ya gonna hire better?

Forget Billy Donovan. He’s going to win his second straight title this year, most likely. You think Florida’s gonna let him get away? Florida will more than match any contract offer Donovan receives.   Would YOU leave Florida for Kentucky? I don’t think so.  You’d have as much chance of hiring Krzyzewski or Roy Williams away from Duke or UNC.

John Calipari? Don’t I recall him leaving UMass for the NBA, with the NCAA on his heels, over the moolah Marcus Camby was being paid? Ya wanna get the death sentence from the NCAA?

Pitino? UK makes offer, Tom Jurich calls John Schnatter, offer trounced. He will stay at Louisville until he retires, or unless the Lakers come calling.

Tom Crean? Is he up to the pressure? A small Catholic college in Milwaukee ain’t UK. I bet he’d be Eddie Sutton reincarnated.

Rick Barnes? Good coach, but Texas can outpay Kentucky. He’ll stay in Austin.

My prediction: UK will hire a new coach, maybe someone from a mid major who played for Pitino – maybe a John Pelphrey or Travis Ford. They won’t be up to the job. Recruiting is tough. There are 30 programs that have a shot at winning each year, consistantly, and they all have the same recruits in mind.  Tubby was at least recruiting good role players, people who played defense and rebounded – he was one star shooter away from another Final Four.  I bet UK doesn’t come anywhere near another Final Four, or title, for at least 10 more years, and starts missing the dance every couple of years, and getting in with 8 and 10 and 12 seeds when they do. They don’t rule the SEC anymore, and aren’t going to, and Donovan will eat their lunch annually when Florida comes to town.

Sorry, UK faithful, I don’t know what seasoning to tell you to use on your kids, then……..maybe curry sauce, or fava beans and a good chianti?