A too-curious cat

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Is it considered bad form for a polar bear to pull a dirty trick on a cat?

Sandy enjoys milk. Really enjoys milk. To the extent that she will jump onto the countertop when a polar bear stops to fix a beverage, in the hopes that the beverage will be milk. She will take a couple of laps off the top of the beverage, as if to pass approval-and request her own portion.

And so it was this evening. Except that the beverage in question was not milk. It was a Cuba Libre.  Yes, Appleton Estate dark rum, diet Coke, and a splash of lime, served over ice.  Yum.

Not yum. Sandy just had to have a taste.

Now, cats generally don’t like alcohol. Or cola. Or lime. Sandy took a taste, looked up at me with the “how can you drink this stuff?” look on her cute little face, then looked at me disapprovingly as I went back downstairs with my drink.

I fixed another some time later. She stayed away as soon as she saw me reach for the rum bottle.

Perhaps Scotch and milk might be more to her liking?


Got yer brackets done?

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Got yer brackets done, yet?

Well, I’ve been considering them, and it shapes up to being an interesting tournament.

Let’s cut to the chase: in the East, I see UNC, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Washington St., Oklahoma, Louisville, Butler, and Tennessee making the round of 32.

In the Midwest, it will be Kansas, Kent St., Villanova, Vanderbilt, USC, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, and Georgetown.

In the South, Memphis, Mississippi St., Michigan St., Pitt, Marquette, Stanford, Miami, and Texas.

In the West, UCLA, Texas A&M, Drake, UConn, Purdue, Georgia, West Virginia, and, of course, Dork, er, Duke.

Let’s go to the Sweet 16: North Carolina, Notre Dame, Louisville, Tennessee, Kansas, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Georgetown, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Texas, UCLA, Drake, Georgia, and Dork.

At this point, we’ll discuss upsets and such. Indiana is in disarray after the Kelvin Sampson firing, Arkansas will take them right out. Kent St. is better than people would think. As much as I’d like to see Kentucky advance, I think Marquette will slaughter them. I see Drake as a powerful team and a sleeper with nothing to lose. And Georgia became a rock-hard team this past weekend, shaped by adversity, and might go far.

The Elite 8: North Carolina, Louisville, Kansas, Georgetown, Pitt, Texas, UCLA, Georgia. Yes, I picked Georgia to advance over Dork (I think WVa will give them all they want the game before), and Louisville to edge Tennessee – and not because I’m a Louisville alumni, but because they are playing fantastic defense right now. The big one here is Pitt over Memphis: I like Memphis, but I think any team that wins the Big East this year has to simply be unstoppable.

The Final Four: Louisville, Kansas, Pitt, UCLA. First of all, I think Louisville can strangle Hansbrough of UNC. The Kansas-Georgetown game may be the best of the tournament Pitt-Memphis isn’t), but I’m taking the Jayhawks because they are a beautifully balanced team that does everything well. Pitt should take Texas out in a good game. I think Georgia’s luck runs out with UCLA – impressive personnel, well coached.

I think Louisville’s defense will keep the game close, but Kansas is too well balanced and has a decided scoring advantage over the Ville. I think Pitt can beat UCLA, in, once again, a titanic struggle that could go OT.

The championship game. Kansas Vs Pitt. I think Pitt will outmuscle the Jayhawks. Pitt 66, Kansas 62

Your mileage may vary


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Ending The New Cold War

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From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. – Winston Churchill

Ever since September 2007, the T community and a good part of the GL community, most notably the political side of HRC, as well as some of the GL bloggers like Aravosis and Chris Crain, have been in a state of cold war. We do not communicate, and HRC feels they can choose our leaders, pick our representatives for us, listen to those they want and not listen to those who’d tell the truth, no matter how brutal. Joe Solmonese’ Southern Comfort speech, and his effort to characterize the lie he told during it as “misspeaking”, shows the unbelievable corporate contempt HRC has for the T community. As a result of that speech, and HRC’s deceitful lobbying techniques used in the passage of H.R. 3685, nearly all T activists have sworn to never speak or do business with HRC ever again. I’ve advocated that approach, myself. It’s pretty hard to do business with an organization that has such a history, going back to the 1990s, of deceit, conceit, and deception in their business practices, not to mention the fact that their words cannot be believed. As a result, among transgender activists, not to mention many GL activists, an iron curtain has descended between them and HRC.

While we should never give up our principles, we must also realize that we cannot maintain our principles unless we survive. – Henry A. Kissinger

HRC, in its rare town hall meetings, ostensibly held to explain their ENDA strategy and actions of Fall 2007, has taken the position that “Joe misspoke himself” at Southern Comfort. The manner in which they say this points out the difference between people who live “inside the DC Beltway”, and people who don’t live in the seat of government. Joe Solmonese believes he misspoke, most likely. To those of us who are more plainspoken, he told a baldfaced lie. And, nobody wants to do business with, or trust, a liar, do they? Of course not.

In reality, we all do business with liars all the time. Politicians at all levels, not just DC, lie and lie daily. Lawyers are paid to lie, to get their clients off. Shopkeepers lie about their products’ quality, preachers lie, and that’s before we get to the buying and selling of cars and trucks. The question is this: do we want to throw away the T community’s chances at passage of rights laws, in return for moral indignation and high principle, especially when the people we must do business with have the exact same (lack of) moral standards and level of innate dishonesty? I think that we need to consider the need for survival – and passing T-inclusive employment protections into Federal law could well mean survival for many T people.

The superpowers often behave like two heavily armed blind men feeling their way around a room, each believing himself in mortal peril from the other, whom he assumes to have perfect vision. – Henry A. Kissinger

There is no question that transgender leaders rarely share background, history, or culture with many GL leaders. In her TransGriot blog posting entitled ,”Why The Transgender Community Hates HRC,” Monica Roberts wrote In the 90’s the transgender leadership became more national in scope and more diverse by the end of the decade. In addition to the founding core leadership from California and the Northeast corridor, transleaders emerged in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois. The emergence of leaders from what was derisively called ‘flyover country’ by the peeps from Cali and the Northeast Corridor changed the dynamics of the transgender rights movement.The addition of leaders from these states brought people into the movement who not only believed in the principles of Kingian inclusion and non-violence, they practiced those values. The rise of the Internet gave them efficient communications links to exchange information and tactics, coordinate strategy and inexpensively talk to each other. They were also people of faith who had ringside seats to the Religious Right takeovers of the Republican parties in these regions. The Texans watched their state be used as a laboratory for the tactics that would be used in the South and later the rest of the country.As people of faith who were mostly Southerners, the new transleaders correctly perceived that the Religious Right was the same coalition of 60’s racist anti-progressive forces masquerading in ‘family values’ drag and urged coordinated efforts to defeat them.Unfortunately, while the Religious Right was using the 80’s and 90’s to organize for culture war and develop their Machiavellian playbook to power, transpeople were fighting a pitched battle with the gay and lesbian community just to be included. This civil war against the GLB transphobes sucked time, energy and money from the transgender community that could have been better spent combating the Religious Right.

The predominately white and bicoastal-based gay and lesbian leadership didn’t see the Religious Right as a threat because they not only didn’t have fundies in their backyards, they let their anti-transgender biases color their perceptions. They dismissed the threat because it was transpeople who were sounding the warning bells about it. At the same thime they were cavalierly dismissing their concerns about GLBT unity and the Religious Right threat, they arrogantly demanded that transpeople work to pass gay-only rights bills.”

Most transgender community leaders that I know have little knowledge, in turn, of gay culture. I admit that I don’t.  Drag shows bore me to tears, I prefer Midleton’s Irish whiskey, neat, to martinis, I dress like a slob most of the time, and I can’t dance. Literally, if men are from Mars and women from Venus, then gay men are from Uranus, lesbians are from Saturn, and transpeople from Neptune. A prime example is the popularity of gay entertainer Charles Knipp’s allegedly comic character “Shirley Q. Liquor” among gay audiences; Shirley Q. Liquor is universally abhorred by transpeople as an insulting and racist characterization harkening back to minstrel shows. Likewise, the popularity among lesbians of the writings of Germaine Greer and Janice Raymond, both abhorrent to transgender people, illustrates the cultural distance sometimes present. Transgender people know well the history of what HRC and others like Raymond and Greer have said and done; likewise, many GL people hold on to the belief that T issues are foreign to them, and some even oppose them outright. Clearly, we each believe the other is more of a threat to the other than we are; in reality, both of us are ineptly open, by dint of our lack of knowledge of the other, to attacks from the Religious Right and social conservatives.

The Cold War isn’t thawing; it is burning with a deadly heat. Communism isn’t sleeping; it is, as always, plotting, scheming, working, fighting. – Richard M. Nixon

HRC does not particularly care what we, as a community, think of them. Our hate for them is unrequited, not returned. They will continue to do what they are doing, regardless of whatever we may think of them or write about them. Neither does Barney Frank – Congressman Frank is widely rumored to be assembling a group of white, East Coast, non-critical transgender women to participate in hearings on H.R.3686, the separate gender-only bill that has no chance of being voted upon anytime soon. These hearings, along with HRC’s town hall meetings, are examples of the fact that HRC will follow their agenda, unabated. Transgender people are little more than an inconvenience or annoyance to them. For hatred and anger to bring them to heel, it will take a massive impact on fundraising, a massive dent in their membership rolls, or catastrophic failure in its legislative mission. The T community is limited in its ability to effect such things – it simply lacks the organization, money, and numbers of activists willing to do so.Worse, still, is the threat from the Religious Right. In November 2007, the Jefferson County, KY., school board considered employment protections for GLBT faculty and employees. Even though Louisville/Jefferson County is a jurisdiction that has had a T-inclusive employment/housing/ public accomodations law in place since 1999, then reaffirmed in 2004, the T was quickly jettisoned when push came to shove – and omission from H.R, 3685 was cited as a rationale for that omission.

The Religious Right does not differentiate between gay and trans. Even if employment laws omit transgender people, the “man in a dress using the women’s restroom” analogy is nearly always used as a reason to not pass such legislation, and will continue to be used. Gay and lesbian people, just as often as transgender people, are painted by Christian fundamentalist extremists as being pedophiles, even though the most likely type of person to engage in pedophilia is a straight married male Caucasian.

“Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.” Winston Churchill

I don’t trust HRC, and most transgender activists don’t, either, but eventually transgender activists will have to sit across a table and speak to them. We know they will, probably, lie to us, because they’ve done so many times before, including very recently. Yet, sooner or later, transgender people will have to do business with HRC, if we want to be included in legislation in 2009, or even in the years beyond that. We need, then, as a community, to decide who should do the talking for us, and decide to let them do so without conducting the sort of on-line questioning of motive and integrity that so far has occurred, whether that questioning may have been warranted or not.What do we ask for, in a negotiation? First of all, a public apology for the SCC lie. A return in kind of the monies fundraised from the transgender community at SCC, spread among the major transgender lobbying organizations (IFGE, NTAC, TAVA, and NCTE). A pledge to never again lobby against the interests of the transgender community to expediently pass a GL-only bill. A commitment to hire transgender people to work for HRC in varying capacities, including on the various boards and in the Federal Club – and not just the “nice trannies”, but transgender activists that have actually carried picket signs outside HRC galas and events, transgender people of all ages, gender identities (including intersexed), and transgender people of color.

Unfettered access to Congressional and Senate offices, with HRC-affiliated aides being involved only long enough to get the transgender lobbyists in the office with the actual Members of Congress, must be one of the demands in the negotiations. Many Congressional aides have served internships with, or have worked for, HRC. In fact, part of our problem in Congress last year was due to, I feel, our lobbyists’ongoing inability to meet with actual Congressmen and Senators. We are giving our knowledge and stories to aides, when it it the actual Members who need to hear them. This is a logjam that must be broken through, if this community is to ever be included in employment rights legislation. When Barney Frank said in September 2007 that not enough education had been done, this is what he was talking about – and, yes, you can bet that HRC meant for the education to not take place, or wanted it to come from their lobbyists’ mouths, not the mouths of transgender people, for some reason. Knowing that reason, beyond doubt, should be a priority. However, to break this logjam, we must get past the aides and through to the Members – and HRC will have to be induced to let us do that.

Others, I’m sure, can add to this list of demands – and I encourage comments to that effect.

We also need to decide to whom we should speak – and that needs to be our community’s decision. HRC will, very likely, expect this community to negotiate with people who lack the authority to deliver on matters of question. We must stand firmly on the need to speak with the person who’s set HRC’s political strategies for the past 10 years or so. Hint: that’s not Joe Solmonese. No, that’s David Smith, the long-time power behind the throne, and a man long known to be unenthusiastic about the transgender rights movement. Solmonese, as seen at SCC and the weeks thereafter, can promise much, but if Smith doesn’t agree, it isn’t happening, and they have no compulsion about leaving ol’ Joe twisting in the wind. In short, talking to Solmonese won’t do the job – he’s just the monkey. Smith is the organ grinder.

A Time For Detente

The feelings of the transgender community are still very raw, where HRC is concerned. We must remember that the violation does not get us closer to achieving the passage of legislation. We must accept that HRC IS the 10,000 pound gorilla on the Hill. They know they have a big problem among transgender people, as well as with right-thinking GLBT organizations who support full transgender inclusion, and no amount of hatred or invective vented via the Internet will affect that one bit – although some effective protests, like the October 1997 protest at the national dinner in DC, may. Playing upon their desire to mend fences may help this process. At the same time, we must guard that all segments of the community have a say, that it is not a one-way negotiation, and that all organizations have a say in the questions and terms. In fact, I suspect that this community isn’t going to be able to agree on who to negotiate, let alone what to negotiate, and that Barney Frank and HRC will simply impose their will. I fully expect to be vilified in print, even by people I respect and consider friends, for daring to suggest that we should negotiate with the monolithic Gibraltar on Rhode Island Ave.. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not willing to let them have their say, without getting a word in edgewise. The time to start getting that word in edgewise, is now. Otherwise, we’re going to be reduced to writing letters to Congressmen’s office that will never be read by Congressmen, and bitching to each other on the Internet. That simply isn’t good enough for me, and people are quite literally starving and being killed for being transgender.  What harm is there in talking?  Unless hatred is the best we can do………

 Look at ya
Yeah, take a look in the mirror now tell me what you see
Another satisfied customer in the front of the line for the American dream
I remember when we was both out on the boulevard Talkin’ revolution and singin’ the blues
Nowadays it’s letters to the editor and cheatin’ on our taxes
Is the best that we can do
Come on”Amerika, Version 2.0″ – Steve Earle

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Pride, on this day

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Pride (in the name of love) – U2 (as they perform it live as of 2006)

One man come in the name of love
One man come and go
One man come, he to justify
One man to overthrow

In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love

One man caught on a barbed wire fence
One man he resist
One man washed on an empty beach.
One man betrayed with a kiss

In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love

(nobody like you…)

Afternoon, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of loveIn the name of love
What more in the name of love…

Today is January 21, 2008. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., birthday. 40 years ago, this year, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was gunned down by a scumsucking coward. The fact that Dr. King would have forgiven him for his evil deed, is a fact not to be forgotten, for he was also a man of God, a man who truly believed in and understood the universal values of human equality and rights that are recognized by every civilized belief system the world over.

We all know his story – it’s on many websites, not to mention Wikipedia. If you haven’t heard his speeches, they’re available. I’m not doing your research for you. That’s the job of libraries, not blogs.

This is a Federal holiday, and a holiday in most states. It’s the most special type of holiday, because it’s not a holiday for drinking beer, grilling burgers, watching NASCAR or bowl games, exchanging gifts, or going fishing. Instead, it’s the day that we should annually remind ourselves of who Dr. King was. What he stood for – basic fairness, passion, human kindness, the power of the spoken word to challenge and inspire, charity towards others – and above all, basic human rights for all – and what his presence on this earth should still inspire us to do today.

Period. No more, no less.

Of course, most people think of Dr. King’s mission as being 0ne of civil rights for African-Americans, which certainly was the basis of his life’s work, although many people not of African-American descent were inspired to thought and action by his works and words. His work resulted in rights being guaranteed under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on racial grounds, as well as for women, people who were born in other countries and emigrated to the US, and people of faith – and inspired myriad other laws that protected housing rights and rights for handicapped people, to name just a couple.

Dr. King is a hero of mine. I am many shades lighter, lack his power to hold an audience of thousands in the palm of his hand, not to mention the ultimate power he had to inspire people to follow and work for a righteous purpose. I have other skills that I try to use in the service of human rights, but none stack up to his. I’m not aware of anyone currently alive that has Dr. King’s skill set.

People throughout the world will study the life, works, and words of this man centuries from now, will learn from and apply his lessons, and will aspire to his oratory prowess and ability to inspire. Remember him today, consider his words and deeds, and ask yourself what you can do to help those who still are working for human rights. If you aspire to Dr. King’s goals, and work in the spirit of his memory, you may not achieve what he did – but you will do good for all human beings.


What Do We Do About HRC?

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A simple question, with a complicated answer.

Hating HRC will not help pass any legislation.

Don’t make me stutter. Yes, hating HRC will not help pass legislation. Yes, they suck. Solmonese IS a lying shithead, never to be trusted again, even by his own mama, except perhaps to fuck up. But there is work to do.

State laws are pending in Massachusetts and Kentucky. These can be passed. In Kentucky, the Fairness Campaign has never been affiliated with HRC, and hopefully never will be. In Mass, MTPC recently got into bed with HRC and accepted $25K of their blood money. No matter, you can lobby your legislators without anyone’s help, if you so wish.

In the US Congress, things are at a standstill presently. The version of ENDA (the inadequate one), according to one of Ted Kennedy’s aides, is coming up soon. I doubt that. ENDA is far too controversial a bill and far too close to be raised in an election year. Furthermore, it won’t take much work to kill it. It takes 60 votes for a bill to clear a cloture vote. The hate crimes bill passed with barely 60 votes. Does anyone really believe that Norm Coleman, George Voinovich, Richard Lugar, John Warner, and Arlen Specter will really all still vote for this ENDA? It won’t take much lobbying to kill that ENDA – and if they did somehow get the votes for this dud ENDA, no way Dick Cheney lets George Bush put his X on it.

What it is time for, is for each person who reads this blog to make the effort to actually meet their Representative and Senators. I mean them, not an aide, but them. Face to face, shake hands, introduce yourself, give them your business card. Tell them what you believe in, what you want them to do in the next Congressional session. You can best do this right in your own state capitol or home town. If they are not approachable, or are absolutely dead-set negative on the issues you believe in, then work for their opposition and get to know them, that way.

If you can’t do the above, or you have the desire to do more, then you can learn to lobby. Keep in mind that you need to see “the member” – not the aides, because they will try to keep you away from the actual Congressman. You can lobby any Congressman you wish, but it helps if you have a connection to their district – use your mother-in-law’s address, tell them you do business in their district, use your imagination. You are probably most likely to speak to an actual Member of Congress at home, not in DC, although you can actually run into them there. Having pictures helps – they might be in the lunchroom or walking the halls, or you might be able to ambush them following a committee hearing. If you write them, always do it by FAX – snailmail letters are still being delayed for inspection, and email is nearly always read and discarded by aides.

Be sure you’re not lobbying for “air” – lobbying for a hypothetical bill or inclusion in same requires great experience, an appointment with the actual Member of Congress, and only with the Congressman who is likely to take the lead on such a bill. And it is useless to lobby for bills that have been thrown out in committee, or withdrawn by their sponsors – there’s a group I know of now that believes that HR2015 (the inclusive ENDA) can be resurrected – since Barney Frank withdrew it, it is dead for this Session of Congress, and by lobbying for it, they are showing their ignorance to every Congressional office they contact.

There’s your homework assignment for this year. Meet your Members of Congress, and/or work for better ones. Work in your state and locality. Learn how to do things right. And, if you have the chance, protest an HRC fundraiser. They need to be hurt. Always show more respect than I’d show a ringed seal!


And the First Annual Ringed Seal Award Goes To…….

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Joe Solmonese, of course, for being a fucking liar. Misspoke, my ass.

You are polar bear meat, Joe! Congratulations, you scumsucking fuckhead.

“> PB

My Dirty Life And Times

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<a href=”http://www.justsayhi.com/bb/blog_rating”><img style=”border: none;” src=”http://assets.justsayhi.com/badges/204/629/rated_nc-17.046mcq5r9h.jpg&#8221; alt=”online dating” /></a><p><a href=”http://www.justsayhi.com/online_dating/wichita/kansas”>Wichita Dating</a></p>

Gee! According to this real cool web site, my blog’s rated NC-17.

No shit! Fuck me running!

I don’t really enjoy cursing, and didn’t set out to blog with quite the consistancy and repetition of expletive usage I’ve, so far, found myself using. There’s just something about George Bush, HRC, Barney Frank, Frank Simon, Shirley Q. Liquor and his fans, and other topics that cause me to break out into assholes and shit myself to death.

On the other hand, I take offense to their ratings. There’s no nudity here. No pedophilia, except from Frank Simon’s imagination. No pictures of anyone doing any sort of sex acts with anyone, probably no links to any, either. I don’t believe in coddling or protecting anyone of any age from real-world adult discussion or language, except to the point of respecting the choices of their parents. Still, I think I deserve an R, at the very least.

The problem is a simple one: our lives and times demand foul language, because of the foul countenances, personalities, and acts whose behavior affects said lives.

Some days I feel like my shadow’s casting me
Some days the sun don’t shine
Sometimes I wonder what tomorrow’s gonna bring
When I think about my dirty life and times

One day I came to a fork in the road
Folks, I just couldn’t go where I was told
Now they’ll hunt me down and hang me for my crimes
If I tell about my dirty life and times

I had someone ’til she went out for a stroll
Should have run after her
It’s hard to find a girl with a heart of gold
When you’re living in a four-letter world

And if she won’t love me then her sister will
She’s from Say-one-thing-and-mean-another’s-ville
And she can’t seem to make up her mind
When she hears about my dirty life and times

Some days I feel like my shadow’s casting me
Some days the sun don’t shine
Sometimes I wonder why I’m still running free
All up and down the line

Gets a little lonely, folks, you know what I mean
I’m looking for a woman with low self-esteem
To lay me out and ease my worried mind
While I’m winding down my dirty life and times

Who’ll lay me out and ease my worried mind
While I’m winding down my dirty life and times

Dirty Life and Times” – Warren Zevon

Zevon wrote and played this great song on his final album, the one he cut when he was dying of cancer. In a way, something out there in this world is always out there, waiting to kill us, whether it means to or not.

Which is why I’m a polar bear.

Kill me? You might. You might also die trying.

My goal in life is this: if you try to kill me, I’ll take you, and your family, out with me. That’s the bottom line.


Rednecks, Reichers, & Frank Simon Running Amok! Oh, My!

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I attended the public meeting of the Jefferson County School Board, on November 26, where addition of protections of JCPS employees and faculty on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity was debated. Arriving late, I was unable to gain seating in the main auditorium, and found the overflow room to be an ugly and cramped place, populated as it was with ill-mannered opponents of the proposed measure, so I found myself in the lobby of the VanHoose Education Center. I’d bumped into a woman I’d attended church with in the past, and we spent some time discussing the proposed measure. The conversation turned to the fact that I was raised to not be prejudiced, that busing started in Jefferson County during my senior year of high school (1977), and that a number of people I met while managing a business near the Jefferson/Bullitt county line who had moved to northern Bullitt County to avoid busing STILL held racist views in the 1990s; I then stated that, “if you had told me in 1977 that anyone would care that a person was black, gay, or trans, 30 years henceforth, I’d have told you that you – and they – were nuts. Man would have progressed beyond that sort of blatant prejudice by then.”

Well, guess what? A woman and man seated a few feet away both perked right up, and asked me if I thought THEY were nuts, because they believed exactly as I’d stated. The man said “I pay my taxes, and if I want to hate n@#$%s and gays, I have that right.” My reply to him was that “Yes, you do have the right to be wrong, just as you have the right to believe the earth is flat, that global warming doesn’t exist, that evolution isn’t the truth, and that dinosaurs are not millions of years old. I’m just disappointed that there are people who don’t believe scientific facts.” Mr. Redneck had nothing further to say to me, other than a tepid comment about my former video store being where he rented his porno movies.

I left at that point. Stuck in the lobby, there was nothing I could do to add to the proceeding, and it was obvious that security was insufficient. If the top blew off the powder keg, violence was a possibility, and I noted several of those in attendance were packing sidearms. I must say that the hearing was disorganized, poorly conducted and managed, and that the school board obviously doesn’t know how or have the facilities to run a contentious public hearing. You’ll have to read the TransGriot’s posting from the inside of this hearing, but her impression of this hearing as being a mess and a powder keg probably jibe with mine.

Of course, we could tell from the odor, the stench of bigotry, that Frank Simon was in attendance. I had the chance to trip the old SOB, but didn’t take it. I figure he’ll die of
bilious poisoning on his own, soon enough. Of course, sexual orientation protection passed
4-3, with gender identity not making the cut. The head of the JCTA told me privately that SO and GI protection would be negotiated into the next teachers’ contract, so I expect we will have to deal with these amateurs again.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I like your Christ. It is your Christians I find distasteful.”
He was so right. Jesus, please protect us from your followers!


HRC: Got Am4?

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Before reading this, please read my premature, but eventually accurate, burial of ENDA, entitled “ENDA the Status Quo”. Of course, November 7 is a date that will live in infamy, forever, to the transgender community, much as Pearl Harbor Day does. Indeed, the transgender community was screwed – by Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi (right down to her fucking lavender suit), George Miller, Steny Hoyer, and the rest of the House Leadership. But the behavior of HRC in the days previous to the vote was nothing short of murderous. From their thus-far unsubstantiated false poll to their joint letter with organizations that never signed onto it, to Solmonese’s bald-faced LIE to the T community at SCC, to HRC’s crass and blood-money-infused attempt to take over Transgender Day of Remembrance events in DC, Houston, and Chicago, HRC proved to be the enemy of the transgender community that many of us have remained convinced they have been since 1995. For the transgender community to EVER do business with HRC again would be the same as Charles Manson being allowed to be the President of the Sharon Tate fan club.

Kind of makes you want to get an old truck, some manure, and diesel fuel, and park it on Rhode Island Ave., doesn’t it? I can’t quite recommend that, it would be a waste of a perfectly usable old van or truck. Of course, HRC is a perfect waste of about $25 million annually.

Where to from here?

1. Transgender people who ever did business with HRC, or who put roadblocks in the way of activists’ attempts to warn the transgender community that this debacle was coming (her initials are MK), need to apologize to the community at large, in front of the IFGE and Southern Comfort conventions in 2008. There are some that might never forgive them. Most, however, will – myself included, because the lessons they learned in doing so are valuable to us, as a community. But it’s necessary to start the healing process with apologies, to acknowledge the mistakes made through egomania and rivalry, and to help keep them from happening again. Make no mistake, this is one very pissed-off community right now, and this would go a long way to heal the rifts.

2. The “Big Payback” report will be going back online very soon, along with other first-person accounts of the prevarications, calumnies, and downright deceitful acts of HRC towards the transgender community. No amount of begging or legal threats by HRC will get it removed this time. I recently realized that many of the activists around now simply don’t know the history us old fogies lived through – and those who don’t know the history are in danger of letting it happen again. The history needs to be there, and as we say in d’a South, hell no, we ain’t fergettin’.

3. UnitedENDA is the only hope the T community has, politically. We will have to work with them. Which means the rifts between groups in UnitedENDA, particularly trans groups, will have to be sorted out. That won’t be easy, but it will have to be done. Again, humble pie will have to be served in copious quantities. At the same time, if all the groups in UnitedENDA share their individual fund raising plans, and share speakers, a lot of good networking opportunities can spring forth – and we already know that NGLTF is a very useful and helpful organization, now proven in the heat of battle.

4. Let us ask HRC, as a community, to drop T from its mission, website, and lobbying. They cannot be trusted to advocate for us, but as long as they can pretend in their mission to be our friends, they can come back and try to raise money from the T community – money we need to build our own organizations. Likewise, no T organization should ever accept HRC money again – it is blood money.

5. Heavy protestation and pressure on HRC, particularly on their fund raising dinners. Every dollar HRC raises is money that should go to UnitedENDA, or one of its member groups. Also support opposition to Frank, politically, and possibly Pelosi. They don’t think we have power, but we do, if we want to use it. Make sure they know that, if T isn’t in the 2009 ENDA bill, we can and will bring it down in flames. We will know to expect a war next time out, and more of us can budget the work time and bring the heat.

6. Hang Joe Solmonese, Barney Frank, and Nancy Pelosi in effigy (just kidding…….maybe, maybe not).

I disagree, vehemently, with activists who say that “we have to do business with HRC eventually” and “Frank really doesn’t hate us.” Bologna! Neither will ever lift a finger to this community, unless the hand contains a knife and it’s heading for our backs. History tells us that this is not an original happening, but a repeat of the past, many times repeated in fact – and if you work with them, HRC learns more about this community, and they learn more sophisticated ways to thread the big screw – as we saw this year.

HRC can play their game, spewing “beltway doublespeak” when confronted – but the fact remains that Joe Solmonese is a fucking liar – call him what he is and I don’t care how nice a guy he is, he is a fucking liar – and that HRC is a corrupt, money grubbing black hearted ho’ of an organization.

And, tune in while we’re stripped from the hate crimes bill, now in the House as part of the defense appropriations bill. What fun. I wonder if HRC and the House leadership realizes what kind of effigy they’re laying the kindling, for?

Last night I saw a fire burning

on the palace lawn.
O’er the land
The humble subjects
watched in mixed Emotion.

Who is burnin’?
Who is burnin’?
Who is burnin’?
Who is burnin’?

Last night I saw the fire spreadin’

to The palace door.
Silent majority

Weren’t keepin’ quiet Anymore.


Last night I saw the fire spreadin’

to The country side.
In the mornin’ Few were left
to watch The ashes die.



John Fogerty

Top 10 Transgender Cars

Posted October 30, 2007 by polarbearspeaks
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As usual, the Car Talk guys, aka Click and Clack, have unearthed automotive data that all
of us need to know. In this case, they’ve surveyed their listeners, carefully compiled the data,
and are revealing for us the Top Ten cars of choice for gay men and lesbian women.
You can read the original descriptions at http://www.cartalk.com/content/features/Gay-Lesbian/gay-chick1.html
10. Chevy S-10
9. Volvo Wagon
8. Ford Ranger
7. Nissan X-Terra
6. Geo Tracker
5. Honda CR-V
4. Ford F150
3. Jeep Wrangler
2. Subaru Forester
1. Subaru Outback

10. Chrysler Sebring Convertible
9. VW Cabrio
8. VW Golf
7. Saturn SC1
6. Saab 900
5. Mazda Miata
4. Jeep Wrangler
3. BMW 3 – series
2. VW New Beetle
1. VW Jetta
Of course, they Car Guys have overlooked altogether the transgender community, so we’re going to have to fill the gap they’ve left behind. Here goes…..for the m2fs.
10. Chevy Suburban. It’ll hold the entire Klinger collection for the trip to Fantasia Fair, and not get stuck in the snow.
9. Ford Windstar. Perfect traveling vehicle for those trips to Southern Comfort. Plus you’ll pass as a soccer mom.
8.Honda Civic Coupe. But you can only rice-rocket the thing out if you really pass well…….
7.Ford Taurus. You can get a nice one at your local auto auction for a song. Smooth highway cruiser that gets good mileage. And nobody will ever notice you, even in deepest darkest cracker country.
6.Ford Mustang. At least one in this country has T GIRL on the license plate. Screams GIRL!!!!!
5.Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager. You can get all your friends, all your clothes, and with the stow n’ go seating, if you lose your job, you can live in it. Put a BABY ON BOARD tag on the back for extra passability.
4.VW New Beetle. Perfect style statement for the postop girl. Get the TDI if you’re the green type. Put silk flowers in the vase.
3. Kia Rio/Hyundai Accent. Same car, basically. Cheapest new car you can get, and it has a 100K warranty.
2. Toyota Corolla. Cheap, dependable, good gas mileage. The practical girl’s car.
1. Volvo 240. You can get them cheap, they’re easy to work on, and they will last all the way through your transition.

Now for you guys…….I need some input. C’mon guys, help me out. At least some of you drive.
You don’t all live in New York and ride the schlubway.