Political Horse Latitudes

When the still sea conspires an armor
And her sullen and aborted
Currents breed tiny monsters
True sailing is dead
Awkward instant
And the first animal is jettisoned
Legs furiously pumping
Their stiff green gallop

And heads bob up
Poise, delicate, pause, consent
In mute nostril agony
Carefully refined and sealed over

We’re at that point in the Presidential campaign that most of us knew would eventually arrive: the political horse latitudes. Even a political junkie like me would have to be, largely, bored with the present state of the Presidential campaign – but for different reasons.
Watch that debate on 4-15? I did. Excruciatingly so. Let’s all pile on Obama. For 45 minutes. Did anyone really hear an issue argument that distinguished Hillary from Barack? I didn’t.
Am I the only one that thinks that John McCain is the second coming of Richard Nixon? I doubt it. Check out the parallels
Topic                                                  McCain                                                                Nixon
Senatorial scandal                        Keating 5 Case                                             “Checkers” slush fund
First time loss                               2000 Presidential run                                     1960 Presidential run
Temper                                               Notably bad                                                    Notably bad
Military svc.                              Honorable in Vietnam                                 Honorable Pac theatre WW2
Press relations                                         Great                                      Well….he MADE the Wash Post famous
Won after being counted out           2008 nomination                                            1968 nomination
Foreign war                                 Has no plans to end  H                                  ad secret (no) plan to end
Economy                                           Stagflation                                                          Stagflation
If you loved Richard Nixon, I think you’ll love John McCain. Be interesting to see if he buys a place in the Florida Keys, if he wins. It will also be interesting to see if we end up leaving Baghdad in helicopters from the embassy roof, with Shi’ia militias firing their Kalashnikovs at us. And it will be fun to hear the stories of Staffers whom he tongue-lashes.
At this point, I want it over. I almost don’t care whether it’s Obama or Clinton. I’d prefer Obama and will vote for him, most likely, in the Kentucky primary, if for no other reason that he represents a fresh approach to the nation’s issues. I really don’t care who the GOP nominates at this point, because there isn’t a single GOP member that is presently running for office that I could even consider supporting, due to the warmongering, deficit-spending, antigovernmental, bigoted nature of nearly every member of the party that left me in the early 1980s. But, I’m realistic: no matter who the Democrats nominate, the party of the ass will no doubt do its level best to lose an election, at all levels, that it should win at all levels in a cakewalk.
And, quite frankly, after a few more years of GOP control, we will either have to seek merger with Canada to pay our bills, or we will be invading Canada to prevent young and GLBT Americans from seeking asylum there.
It’s my opinion that we need to abolish the Presidential election system. Instead, put the names of all US citizens from age 35 to age 70 in a computer database, who have at least a bachelor’s degree. Then let the computer pick one at random. Then have it select again for a vice-president. I would wager that the end selectees would do a better job than the Bush-leaguers we’ve had the past 40 years.
As for Obama’s ‘bitter’ remark, I understand what he was saying. His comment pertained to people who have been screwed by economic and political policies practiced over the past 40 years that have absolutely ruined America’s manufacturing base, and in the process have shrunken the middle class, and thus ruined the American economy. Many of these people have been screwed badly by the Republican economic policies, but instead of voting their economic interests, they instead concentrate on the remarkeably asinine issues of gun control, “family values”, and the Religious Reich agenda. The truth is that nobody’s passing any more true gun control acts, that government cannot legislate morality, that GLBT people deserve the same rights as everyone else, and that religion must stay out of government and keep their preaching in the pulpit and out of the courthouse. For an idea on this topic, read “What’s Wrong With Kansas?” Obviously, Barack Obama has. It’s one more book than George Bush has read in his life.
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One Comment on “Political Horse Latitudes”

  1. problembear Says:

    The stagflation that economists just six months ago said was impossible has already happened and we are heading into a true depression with inflation. The middle class is still milling around in the slaughter pens acting stunned.

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