HRC: Now Hiring Goons

On Saturday, July 26, HRC did it again, this time in the transgender mecca known as San Francisco.  For some reason, when a group of transgender people decides to protest their fundraisers, as they have every right to do, HRC’s dinner organizers instantly contract cases of cranial rectosis.

Read this blog posting from Calitics, from someone who was there:

63 year old lesbian dragged out of event (0.00 / 0)
What follows is what a friend wrote me late last night:
Around 7:00 I sat at table #72 (which was in the back row). I listened to Diego Sanchez’s speech. During Joe Solmonese’s talk I left my seat and walked towards the tables in front of me with the intent of distributing printed materials. At this point 2-3 large men accosted me. I don’t remember their exact words but I quietly said that I had bought a ticket and had the right to be there. I began to place printed material on a table when I was grabbed roughly by at least 2 men (who I think were behind me). One of them put my right arm in an armlock behind my back and up and bent my right wrist with tremendous force.  I was also held by both arms  (with force enough around both upper arms that I had bruises within 20 minutes).
At some point I was knocked to the ground and dragged out of the dining area into the outer room where they lifted me to my feet but did not let go. I then said to them-“let me go I will leave (we were walking to a stairwell). They did not let go and dragged me off my feet again and down the stairs to the exit on post street.”
I have huge bruises on my arms and a shoulder that feels like it was half pulled out of it’s socket.  Years ago I was thrown out of the st francis by SFPD and they didn’t hurt me at all. These are a company of private goons hired by Human Rights Campaign to police their event.
HRC is afraid of peoples’ protests and they can’t afford their donors getting information.
Can It Happen Here? by: janinsanfran @ Sun Jul 27, 2008 at 06:41:09 AM CDT

Now, personally,  I can understand why HRC might need security. They do serve alcohol at these soirees, after all, and there are wealthy people, political leaders, and celebrities present.  But, if your security team’s worst threat is a 60-something lesbian who is simply dropping brochures on an information table, then your priorities are sorely, severely skewed.  It is quite apparent that you’re organizationally quite confused as to who is a friend and who is a foe. I’m quite aware of the encounters Monica Helms had with the HRC goon squad in Atlanta, and plenty of online pictures of the Houston horsemen sitting in wait for the transgender demonstrators – all 10 of them? Maybe?  What did that cost you – other than your credibility?

I suppose that, in addition to the aides and interns and salaried help HRC hires, including at least one transgender woman, they also seem to be hiring goons.
Maybe some of them are like Buddy, here……

Buddy’s real talent was beating people up
His heart wasn’t in it but the crowd ate it up
Through pee-wee’s and juniors, midgets and mites
He must have racked up more than six hundred fights
A scout from the Flames came down from Saskatoon
Said, “There’s always room on our team for a goon
Son, we’ve always got room for a goon”
Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song) – Warren Zevon and Mitch Albom

Now, goons have their uses. But, does HRC need them? Really? And why do some brochures or literature illustrating the plight of a community they claim to represent (okay, that community doesn’t feel they represent it, but I digress), seem dangerous enough to require a goon squad?

Mother, Father, I’m here in the zoo
I can’t come home ’cause I’ve grown up too soon
I got my sentence
I got my command
They said they’d make me major if I met all their demands
I could be a corp’ral into corp’ral punishment
Or the gen’ral manager of a large establishment
They pat some good boys on the back and put some to the rod
But I never thought they’d put me in the

Goon squad
They’ve come to look you over and they’re giving you the eye
Goon squad
They want you to come out to play
You’d better say goodbye

Some grow just like their dads
And some grow up too tall
Some go drinking with the lads
Some don’t grow up at all

And you must find the proper place
For everything you see
But you’ll never get to make a lampshade out of me

I could join a chain of males or be the missing (a) link
Looking for a lucky girl to put me in the pink
They pat some good boys on the back and put some to the rod
But I never thought they’d put me in the

Good squad ….

Mother, Father, I’m doing so well
I’m making such progress now that you can hardly tell
I fit in a little dedication
With one eye on the clock
They caught you under medication
You could be in for a shock

Thinking up the alibis that ev’ryone’s forgotten
Just another mummy’s boy gone to rotten
They pat some good boys on the back and put some to the rod
But I never thought they’d put me in the Goon squad….
“Goon Squad” – Elvis Costello

Joe Solmonese, this has gone too far. I have had advance knowledge of each of the HRC gala protests, but in no case was the intention of any of these protests meant to disrupt the gala in any way, shape, or form. The attendees to the galas, as your stockholders, so to speak, deserve to get the full information about all the people HRC claims as their constituency.  But, instead of allowing transgender people to educate, to teach the attendees about their issues and needs, and about the dire need for civil rights protections in Federal law, you instead feel threatened enough to hire goon squads.   Are you really that scared?  If you were asking me what to do, I’d suggest being frank and honest, and meeting with those who are the angriest at HRC’s actions, both historically and recently.  But, after the 2007 Southern Comfort, we know that “honesty” and “HRC” don’t belong in the same sentence together. But, I suppose it’s easier to hire a goon squad instead.  That is tantamount to beating up a little old lady who you screwed on a used car sale. Which is what you are, Joe Solmonese, at the end of the day: a disreputable used car salesman, and your organization is the J.D. Byrider of political organizations: big, national, and crooked as poison ivy.

This will escalate.  It always does when goons are employed. Ask the Rolling Stones about Altamont.  People got beat up, and a man died. Goons do that. The blood would be on your hands. What does that have to do with human rights, anyway, let alone peace, love, and understanding?

See you in DC, Joe.

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4 Comments on “HRC: Now Hiring Goons”

  1. Very interesting. I was not aware of those particular issues within our community. Thank you for sharing.

  2. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  3. megan fox Says:

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  4. Elijah Lewis Says:

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